My Crown Chakra Opening Experiences.

My Kundalini first aroused from it's slumber in the Spring of 2004. It went dormant for a few years and then it reawakened. Since I had a spontaneous awakening, I feel that I had not cultivated enough energy for the Kundalini to have the ability to continue it's upward movement through my Chakras. Even though … Continue reading My Crown Chakra Opening Experiences.

Do NOT “TRY” to awaken your Kundalini! Your time will come.

Understand that every single soul will eventually raise their Kundalini. If not in this Life Time, possibly the next. Kundalini is not just reserved for people who believe in it. Eventually everyone will experience it, *when its their time to.* It is spiritual evolution of human kind. Just because science cannot prove its real, does … Continue reading Do NOT “TRY” to awaken your Kundalini! Your time will come.

In August, I lost two of my darling cats

In August, Angel and Jasper left this world. Its still extremely hard For me to talk about what happened. At this point, I will just say that I feel negative forces were at play in their deaths. Not to mention the strange disappearance of my cat, Crawley in October 2013. Then my parent's cat, Romeo, … Continue reading In August, I lost two of my darling cats

Kundalini: Why the lack of Scientific Research?

Kundalini: Why the lack of Scientific Research? It totally mystifies me that there has been very little scientific study into Kundalini. Kundalini resides in every human and eventually every person's Kundalini will rise. If not in this lifetime, possibly the next. I would even volunteer as a subject for research into Kundalini. I have looked … Continue reading Kundalini: Why the lack of Scientific Research?

Heal Depression and Anxiety through Meditation



As human kind has progressed, we spend more and more time in our intellectual knowledge.  This knowledge is in the form of thoughts in our minds largely created by our left brains.  Unfortunately, we as a specie have come to identify ourselves with our thoughts directed by the left brain that is more associated with ego.

By associating with these thoughts, we come to identify with ego who is centered around controlling outcomes, others, and our environment. This is not a judgment that left brain activities are bad, but merely that human progress has become off balanced, where we connect less with our right brain activities involving the intuitive, holistic, and spiritual.


As I discussed in my earlier post on “Our Neuropathways affect Spiritual Consciousness,” our physical wiring of the brain is effected by our thoughts moving through it.  During periods of sustained attention, neurons will wire together to create…

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Five Pounds of Muscle or Fat?

"Five pounds (2.3 kilograms) of muscle is the size of your fist. Five pounds of fat is the size of your forearm" she said." Jennifer Burke, a fitness manager at a Crunch Gym in West Hollywood, California. I have lost five pounds in the last two weeks. So this article was a big eye … Continue reading Five Pounds of Muscle or Fat?