I want to thank everyone who sent me support and advice regrading my Throat problems. I went to a ENT doctor who put a long tube with a camera through my nose and went down into my throat. It looked normal and I was referred for a Barium Swallow. Which pretty much is a X Ray video filming me while I swallow barium and move around in different angles. Everything was going great until my feet touched the ground. A force of energy rushed up my body and was followed by heat. I was sweating as the Radiologist told me I looked normal. I had a small spur but I should not be feeling it yet. I was relieved and knew that the pressure and the hard mass in my throat was Kundalini related.

But after my barium swallow I had the most intense Kundalini activity I have had in two years. It felt like my skull was imploding. Intense pressure from my collar bone to the top of my head. When I tried to relax, I would go into trance like states. It was relentless for days. I just wanted to hide in my bedroom until it calmed down. I tried grounding my excess energy into the ground. It worked sometimes but often not so much. I tried to direct the excess energy through my hands and give it back to the Earth. It just seemed like more energy replaced the energy I pushed out.

On top of this, anything sexual would increase my Kundalini Symptoms. It even got to the point that any sexual thoughts would make things more intense. I had to abstain from sex for a couple days.

I have learned the best thing to do in this situation is to lay down, relax and justlet the Kundalini do what it needs to do. I know from past experience that if you “ride the wave”, that the Kundalini will calm down. It honestly took two weeks to get back to normal.

I have been trying to go online to try to find any testimonials about Kundalini Awakened people being exposed to X rays or barium and any side effects they had. I could not find one thing about it online. I am on several forums and I shared my experience and no one had had experiences like mine. So I pretty much feel like a freak of nature! I finally discussed what happened with my Spiritual friend, James. He said he got barium X rays for his upper and lower GI Tract and it did make his energy got wonky for a few days. He said I might just be sensitive. I wish I could give you more solid information but I cannot at this time. Just know if you have had a similar experience, you are not alone.

I still feel something hard in my throat but at least now I know its not dangerous. I can still eat and drink normally so I am fine.