Update on Throat Issues.

I want to thank everyone who sent me support and advice regrading my Throat problems. I went to a ENT doctor who put a long tube with a camera through my nose and went down into my throat. It looked normal and I was referred for a Barium Swallow. Which pretty much is a X Ray video filming me while I swallow barium and move around in different angles. Everything was going great until my feet touched the ground. A force of energy rushed up my body and was followed by heat. I was sweating as the Radiologist told me I looked normal. I had a small spur but I should not be feeling it yet. I was relieved and knew that the pressure and the hard mass in my throat was Kundalini related.

But after my barium swallow I had the most intense Kundalini activity I have had in two years. It felt like my skull was imploding. Intense pressure from my collar bone to the top of my head. When I tried to relax, I would go into trance like states. It was relentless for days. I just wanted to hide in my bedroom until it calmed down. I tried grounding my excess energy into the ground. It worked sometimes but often not so much. I tried to direct the excess energy through my hands and give it back to the Earth. It just seemed like more energy replaced the energy I pushed out.

On top of this, anything sexual would increase my Kundalini Symptoms. It even got to the point that any sexual thoughts would make things more intense. I had to abstain from sex for a couple days.

I have learned the best thing to do in this situation is to lay down, relax and justlet the Kundalini do what it needs to do. I know from past experience that if you “ride the wave”, that the Kundalini will calm down. It honestly took two weeks to get back to normal.

I have been trying to go online to try to find any testimonials about Kundalini Awakened people being exposed to X rays or barium and any side effects they had. I could not find one thing about it online. I am on several forums and I shared my experience and no one had had experiences like mine. So I pretty much feel like a freak of nature! I finally discussed what happened with my Spiritual friend, James. He said he got barium X rays for his upper and lower GI Tract and it did make his energy got wonky for a few days. He said I might just be sensitive. I wish I could give you more solid information but I cannot at this time. Just know if you have had a similar experience, you are not alone.

I still feel something hard in my throat but at least now I know its not dangerous. I can still eat and drink normally so I am fine.

9 thoughts on “Update on Throat Issues.

  1. Did your kundalini awaken spontaneously? If so where was it stuck? Mine is stuck in throat and it’s very uncomfortable. Will it go away after sometimes??

  2. Finally here I am to join this squad. This means Kundalini reached our Vishudhdhi Chakra. Vishuddhi means ‘making pure’ since our diet is intake to the body and our talks are outcome of the body they need to be purified first. That’s the meaning of throat blocking. If we collaborate with Kundalini to bring this descipline we will go one step ahead in this journey.

  3. You can not control just meditate and know yourself better don’t get caught in the dillution just go with the flow trust your intuition.Kundalini is you

    • Have your throat troubles improved? I am dealing with swallowing difficulty right now. I have a swallow test in 2 days.

      • I hope your doctor’ visit goes well. Once my Kundalini worked through my Throat Chakra, my throat troubles went away on their own. I discovered also have some bad arthritis my neck that probably why my neck got so stiff. It flares sometimes badly and I have to get physical therapy for it. Which can be challenging when I get strong natural kriyas that involve my neck.

  4. Good luck w the energy block! One method that has worked but seems like it wouldn’t is to simply observe the block without any feeling one way or the other. Neutral observing….for me its as though something can sneak in and do work…like the higher self….the universe flows in…just a thought. Sometimes just going to the doc is enough to move loads of energy. 2¢

  5. Those so called symptoms are a body misfunction you want to be in kundalini rising. It seems you want to experience the kundalini rising so much you reach to anything physical. Kundalini is in harmony with your glands. They are connected in a string from the gonads to the crown. As they warm you can feel the energy go up the spine connecting and warming each gland. The heart gland will start you to bliss and if your kundalini is fast or rampant up the spine you have no time before it blows out the crown and the third eye opens and your in a different format physically. As far as I have experienced there are no glands in the throat….and it does not stop on the way up or get stuck. One can mentally block its run IF IT has not reached the heart gland. Once it passes the heart gland…..most people contain it there….ITS A FORCE….it subsides. Only after it/the force clears the crown one can play with the force, running it up and down the spine through breathing.

    I’m telling you your experience is not kundalini but wishing. We all experience heart gland warming called emotions….that sometimes feels like its stuck in the throat….that’s not kundalini…..that’s the brain feeling sorry for some circumstance so one cries or shows emotion. Kundalini is different it starts at the gonads and rushes up the spine, not giving you much chance of blocking once it goes go with it let it fly, its not relative to emotions. Kundalini is our cosmic connection. Lots of people have heart warming without kundalini rising daily….we think its love.

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