In Transition..

I am sorry I have not been posting as frequently as I usually do. My Kundalini has been very active this past week. My Kundalini is currently trying to unblock a blockage right below my third eye chakra. I am going to discuss my current symptoms so others can understand what happens sometimes. I have felt muscle tenseness around my spine. Starting at right above my heart chakra all the way up to where my spine and skull meet. I have pressure on the lower back of my skull. I have also had weird sensations around my crown chakra. I have had vivid dreams every night. Some of these dreams have been disturbing.

In my Kundalini Awakening experience, I have noticed that when my Kundalini rises to a new Chakra, it is not unusual for me to feel extra energy and activity in the chakras above it.

You may or may not experience what I have. Everyone’s Kundalini Awakening is a very individual experience.

If you do experience what what I am experiencing, know you are not alone.

One thought on “In Transition..

  1. I am glad I happened upon your post here. I have been actively aware of the kundalini integration in my system for a few years now but have never thought of it as focusing on a particular blockage…. the other night i was feeling the energy after doing some kundalini breathing and I noticed it seemed to centre high in my chest I thought i feels kind of thick or stuck there so i just felt it and allowed it until it felt light again… I guess there may have been specific work going on in that area!
    thanks for your post. sincerely, Arna

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