This video talks about a subject you rarely heard about. It speaks about Christianity in a view that might be shocking to some but it will make sense to many. It shows that many religions around the world have known about Kundalini. Christianity symbolically spoke of it as well. It talks about sexual energy that can either elevate you spiritually or make you fall into a hell. I ask that you watch this video with a open mind. It literally connects the dots. I learned a lot from it.

It speaks about being able to rise the Kundalini through marriage only. Well I think many of us know that it can happen without a marriage. It then says people can arise it from yoga. Through shifts in energy that is being felt around the world, more and more people are having Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. This is happening without being chaste, being married or rigorous yoga practices. Which only makes me have more questions. Why now? Why are the rules changing? What does mean for the future of humanity?

Gnosis – Secret Gate to Garden of Eden.