Hit a new level in my Meditation

About two weeks ago. I hit a new level in my meditation. It started by closing my eyes and seeing these beautiful, intricate geometric patterns. Mostly triangular and some would have curved sides. It would morph and change in the darkness. The shapes being a light bluish grey.

I went deeply into a meditative trance. My breathing got very faint. Sometimes I would panic and take a deep breath then fall back into the trance. I began drooling and would have to take deep swallows.

I felt like I was floating above my body. My mind felt separate from my body. This lasted for 1.5 hours.

I would feel pressure in my third eye chakra and fifth eye chakra.

Its been happening every night before bedtime every night. Some nights I go deeper then others.

Its been very cool.

Updated 9-26-2013
I now realize what I have been experiencing are trances and not meditation. The difference is that as soon as I lay down and close my eyes at night, I am drawn into the trance by the geometrical shapes. I do not make any effort to meditate, it just happens. I did realize that the more I let go and surrender to the trance, the deeper I go.

I wanted to add that until the Fall Equinox, I had hardly any Kundalini symptoms for a month. Outside of the trances, Life was becoming pretty normal.

4 thoughts on “Hit a new level in my Meditation

  1. YES! I still get intricate ‘textured’ geometrical designs when I close my eyes, this is when my K is at a level of rising. In fact, this tells me i’m close or having a rising

  2. Morgan, thanks for the detailed description!

    I have theory, that you’re cells are drawing from memory.

    I say this b/c I’ve done several lengthy breath retention kundalini meditations. And in particular, 1 Minute Breath meditation.
    what you described above is exactly as I’ve experienced the transition from one state to another, from ego to subtle.

    Sometimes i’d have fear thoughts arise, the ego doesn’t like being in control, and there is a survival response.

    I found that after 30 mins or so that transition is mostly complete though, and fear seldom arises. the body-mind-spirit is one.

    I;m assuming you doing a specific meditation? but once again, you seem to be reliving what wasn’t finished before, and remembering

    awesome description of the experience. I remember experiencing the same.

    happy surfing


    • I do not follow any particular meditation technique. I guess I should. I just pretty much relax and quiet my mind. I have about gotten to the point where if I focus on my breathing, that I can about silence my mind completely. But naturally I seem to go into a deeper like trance and the breathing grows faint. A Kundalini Yoga teacher told me that light breathing was not good so I tried to keep doing deep breaths but it kept me from going deeper. I realize now just allowing myself to breathe lightly helps me go deeper. If I need to regulate my breathing, my body will let me know.

      Having to swallow often sometimes was distracting to me but usually I could fall back into the trance again. I say trance but it seems to be a change in consciousness.

      I found when I surrender to the change in consciousness, I go deeper more quicker. My whole Journey into my Kundalini Awakening has been about surrender. The more I surrender to the Kundalini, the less symptoms I have. Ever since I have hit this level in meditation, I have had very little Kundalini symptoms. Which honestly has been strange because my Kundalini has been active for close to three years.

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