About two weeks ago. I hit a new level in my meditation. It started by closing my eyes and seeing these beautiful, intricate geometric patterns. Mostly triangular and some would have curved sides. It would morph and change in the darkness. The shapes being a light bluish grey.

I went deeply into a meditative trance. My breathing got very faint. Sometimes I would panic and take a deep breath then fall back into the trance. I began drooling and would have to take deep swallows.

I felt like I was floating above my body. My mind felt separate from my body. This lasted for 1.5 hours.

I would feel pressure in my third eye chakra and fifth eye chakra.

Its been happening every night before bedtime every night. Some nights I go deeper then others.

Its been very cool.

Updated 9-26-2013
I now realize what I have been experiencing are trances and not meditation. The difference is that as soon as I lay down and close my eyes at night, I am drawn into the trance by the geometrical shapes. I do not make any effort to meditate, it just happens. I did realize that the more I let go and surrender to the trance, the deeper I go.

I wanted to add that until the Fall Equinox, I had hardly any Kundalini symptoms for a month. Outside of the trances, Life was becoming pretty normal.