Kundalini causing Food Cravings

In the last three years I have had interesting food cravings. I went through a time where I had a need for red meat. I was wanting red meat cooked very raw. It happened every day for quite some time.

With time Kundalini rose to my Solar Plexus Chakra in November 2011.

It slowly evolved into me wanting high fat and high sugar foods. I thought this was me wanting junk food but this felt different. It was a actual need. There was a direct link between between fat and sugar intake and Kundalini high activity.

Which seems to go against this article: http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=BloodSugarandGlycation

Then My Kundalini Rose to my Heart Chakra in November 2012.

Then I got a huge craving for Egg Nog. The Content of Egg Nog is milk, cream, eggs, sugar, spices and some soy. Yes protein, sugar and fat again!

Then my Kundalini Rose to my Throat Chakra in January 2013.

I have honestly gained 30 pounds through this.

Currently all these cravings have left me. Now I am craving healthy organic food. I am drinking more water. I am getting groceries mainly at Whole Foods. I am only eating red meat once weekly. I have lost 5 pounds so far. I honestly feel very good. I will start walking again soon. I cannot wait for Spring to arrive so I can do nature hikes.

At least in my Kundalini journey, I have given into my cravings. A spiritual friend of mine, said that I should always listen to my gut instinct. If you sense that your Kundalini is telling you to do something and its not harmful, do it. Its all part of growing and realizing evolution.

I know this goes totally against Yogic views on diet. What has worked for me might not work for others. I have learned that there are many ways for Kundalini to awaken. Find your own path.

For me, this was part of my spiritual surrender to the Kundalini.

4 thoughts on “Kundalini causing Food Cravings

  1. THANK YOU!!! I have been through the exact same thing. I have had pretty intense spiritual practice for many years, cleaned my diet, was vegetarian for a long time and then had to give up gluten and diaries toheal from an inflammatory condition. But all of a sudden, after reiki initiation I began having this intense craving for red meat. I had’nt eat red meat for like 15 years…. but it felt right, like accepting something I needed instead of just a crazy egoic thing. Then, now for a couple months it’s like its part of my awakening to let go of control over food. Life in me seems to want these thins too; fat, heavy foods, sugar, etc… Comfort food also. I simply can’t, or don’t wan’t to regulate anymore… Something in me tells me that the right thing to do. But that’s weird, because for many years my intuition mainly guided me towards lighter and healthier choices, and I’ve never had any problem disciplin myself doing that. But now the more I try to control,the more this thing in me makes me know it doesn’t want to be controled. So you relate the cravings to kundalini right? That’s interesting, thanks for sharing. I would love to have more input on this.!!!xxx

    • Hi Edy,
      I have learned its best to eat what you crave because you probably need something nutritionally that is in that food. I honestly HATE knowing that animals are dying to feed me. But I have tried to be a vegetarian twice now while going through my Kundalini Awakening and I have become very ill. My Medical Doctors did all kinds of tests trying to figure out what nutrients I am low on and everything came back with innormal range. I was only slightly low in Vitamin D. But when I eat a steak, I start feeling better within a couple hours. I have decided to just go with the flow and eat what my instinct tells me to. I have been a lot healthier ever since.

      • Yes, I’m totally with you on this. That’s funny because I just saw your comment and these days I was trying to put myself again on this intensely restrictive diet that helps me with chronic pain. But instead of giving me energy, it seems to tire me a lot. I’m wondering endlessly if it’s a good thing… Cause it really works, it kills all pain and all my health problems, plus it gives me energy and a deep sense of connection with the world. When I eat what I feel I want, the pain comes back, and tiredness and so on… In a weird way, maybe that feeling all this pain is wiser and more constructive than eliminating lots of things from my diet? Maybe the awakening of my kundalini wakes up all the pain? Like you, the medical tests are all clean. And you know, I have come to accept death as part of life, not in a superficial way but in a deep, natural instinct as if too much restriction is in fact a denial when I look deeply at it in meditation. Of course, there is a need for love, compassion, gratitude and responsible choice when it comes to meat, cause we also absorb vibrations and the way we consume has great impact!! Thanks for this great feedback, it’s been a pleasure to reflect on this thanks to you!

  2. Hi, thank you for having this blog. In May 11, 2013 I went to a meditation retreat in Southern California. What a wonderful experienced. I have been so diligent with it. My experience started in June 30 on Sunday at 1:30 pm. I was doing my meditation and felt this electrical energy coming out of my body and my head to the point were it feels like it was pulling out. I know for fact I did not have a seizure. I do not have any history of seizures or epilepsy of any kind. It was frightening at first but I let it happened. I was astonished after. I’ve been meditating 6 days a week a now. Just in the last 2 weeks I’ve been craving meat. I’m so skeptical eating meat, considering I’ve been a pesco vegetarian for 4 years now. I’m so lost and trying to research more about this craving and the relations between my meditation experienced. I’m not sure what I had really experienced. But I’m embracing it and enjoying it.

    Thank you for this blog.

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