Powerful daily health practices that also prevent and alleviate kundalini syndrome
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Keeping your metabolism and electrical systems harmonious, acknowledging and releasing physical and emotional tension, and continually integrating and expanding your perceptions of the world also eliminates negative experiences with kundalini syndrome…

by Tao Semko

Barring severe external trauma or stressors, if you have a relaxed, adaptable, integrated personality and a fit, relaxed, balanced physiology, you will not have painful or unhealthful experiences of kundalini syndrome when going through a spontaneous or intentional kundalini awakening.

As we mentioned in the last issue, Kundalini Syndrome is not Kundalini.

In a balanced system, the energetic aspect of kundalini merely amplifies and integrates the many aspects of the bodily experience and personality together with trans-personal and transcendent experience as a continuum of consciousness, first through the axial core of the body, and then throughout and beyond the body itself…

While kundalini will most certainly bring about experiences that are out of the norm, there need be no trauma nor discomfort as it rewires the body.

Traumatic or uncomfortable aspects of Kundalini Syndrome, even the truly dramatic and severe examples, like Gopi Krishna’s, result from existing imbalances and restrictions (metabolic, nervous, endocrine, somato-emotional, somato-spiritual) which are amplified by the increased flow of energy released as part of the kundalini process..

Fortunately, adopting certain daily health habits also has the advantage of keeping systems in balance during the amplification and kinetic movement of sensation that accompanies a spontaneous or intentionally initiated kundalini rising.

Some daily health habits that help to keep the body and personality in balance, thus avoiding kundalini syndrome:

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