Kundalini: Why the lack of Scientific Research?

It totally mystifies me that there has been very little scientific study into Kundalini. Kundalini resides in every human and eventually every person’s Kundalini will rise. If not in this lifetime, possibly the next.

I would even volunteer as a subject for research into Kundalini. I have looked online and I cannot find anywhere there is active scientific research going on.

This is very frustrating.

The site for Kundalini Research Network. I looked all over this site for any information on the research they speak of doing. Nothing! All I see is books for sale.

“The mission and purpose of the Kundalini Research Foundation is to promote the scientific investigation of enlightenment, inspiration, genius, and the evolution of consciousness.”

I looked through this site too and the same thing. A link for books for sale. The articles on there show no scientific data. It seems to promote the idea of scientific research but is not doing anything. Again very frustrating!