Kundalini Awakening and Ego Loss.

A poster on another site, Tazomale, told me that I should talk about ego loss. Along with becoming one with pure cosmic consciousness, we must lose our ego. We must allow the “source” to take over.

I think this video discusses ego death very well. Sri Ramana Maharshi is the speaker. This video is Twenty Five minutes long. Turn off your cell and really listen to him. It was done at a spiritual retreat in March 2012.

In January 3013, my Kundalini rose to my Throat Chakra and it immediately rose to a blockage right below my Third Eye Chakra. I began having symptoms relating to both my Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. This scared my Ego. My Kundalini was coming for my Ego! Would I be able to keep my job? Would I lose my mind? Would I still connect with family and friends? The unknown frightens me.

Being one with the Universal Consciousness is suppose to be blissful and wonderful. Peaceful.

I am trying to trust my higher power. Which is the Goddess. I hope she will gently guide me through this uncertain part of my path. She is wiser and all knowing.

Luckily I found this thought provoking article:


It Speaks of detaching from ego without having a Kundalini Awakening. She talks about her personal expoeriences and what happened to her. Also Check out Reena Gagneja’s video.

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