Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

This blog entry is going to be a work in progress. I am going to write about the most common Kundalini Symptoms and the ones I have experienced. Please feel free to comment and tell me about your Kundalini symptoms. I will add new ones to my list.

Heat that radiates from within and seems to be the hottest at the Seven Chakras. This heat can be very intense. Some have described it like its a “Hot Flash” like menopausal women have. It can range from being pleasurable to unbearable.

Pressure along the Chakras.
Spontaneous Trance States
Feeling of energy going up your Chakras.
A rushing of water Sensation going up the Chakras.
Body Shakes and Trembling
Uncontrollable Contractions of your abdomen.
Spontaneous Orgasms
Spontaneous Yoga Positions
Moments of Bliss
Speaking in Tongues. Singing and Mantras in Foreign Languages
Uncontrollable Laughter or crying
Cool Energy spreading throughout your body.
Sore Throat and Choking Sensation
Traumatic Events feel fresh again.
Headaches that food or medicine won’t help.
Pain and Pressure where the spine and skull meet.
Pressure behind eyes and Sinus Problems
Pain and pressure on the back of the skull where the Third Eye is. Creeping or ant like crawling sensations on your skin.
Unusual Food Cravings. A need for sugar, fat, and Protein.
Sudden Allergic Reactions to food.
Stomach upset.Itchy Rashes near Kundalini Activity.
Times of Exhaustion and Energetic Phases.
Seeing lights, orbs, auras
Seeing colors and geometric shapes when eyes closed.
Vivid Nightmares, Psychic Attacks
Psychic Abilities or Siddhis

I know there are many more. Kundalini Awakening is very much a very personal and individual journey. Your symptoms might be dramatically different than someone else.

I hope this entry helps you realize that many symptoms could be your Kundalini Awakening. Feel free to comment and post about your personal experiences.

11 thoughts on “Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

  1. Awakening (kundalini release) is both about experiencing all that “you really are” (the blissful part) to releasing all that “isn’t you” (the part that isn’t pleasant), so you are free to Be all that you “truly are”! The process can be as easy or as hard as you allow it to be… The more you hold on to who you aren’t, the harder it is through the process… The more you release what you aren’t, the easier the process is… Embrace the grace (given to you without any effort!) of Being… How to achieve Oneness? Stop thinking you are separate! It’s just that easy! Blessings and Namaste…

  2. i m chanting gayatri mantra from 17 years and also doing some meditation.
    i can meditate more then 1 hour when i m free.
    i m feeling some of above symptoms
    around a month back i lost my job and i m in depression.
    and i start chanting gayatri mantra 3 times a day around 1 hour.
    1)one night after dinner i go to bed and feels heavy vibration in my body i omit everything i cant sleep for three days
    2)From in-between my lungs some light pass to the head for 5 days
    3) when i start meditation or chanting mantra some fear generate inside.
    From that days
    now i m not doing any meditation chanting mantra.

  3. Hi, Morgan. Your blog has answered many questions related to where I’m at in the Kundalini process. Recently, I was injured at work that required emergency surgery. The day after I started to think that there is a lesson I needed to learn from this accident. My life has been consumed with my work, and to be honest I am not happy with my job, and because of the long hours I have neglected my spiritual practice. I feel like the the kundalini is taking me in a different direction in life, but I am unsure where it’s heading. To be honest, I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea of unforeseen changes, but I read a comment you made about surrendering to the kundalini, and in that statement I remembered a forgotten truth that reminded me that I don’t have to figure out what changes I need to make. I just need to trust and surrender, and watch the Kundalini arrange circumstances to bring about what I need to do. I know it has our best interest at heart. ( I am in no way implying that the Kundalini energy hurt me, but I believe it allows certain things to happen to get our attention.)

    • hello Jess. I am so happy that i found your comments. I have felt very alone and have not been able to find the answers, but on reflecting on what i have read i do understand that i have not know what is expected of me and what is it that i am experiencing these surreal sightings with out any explanations.

      My journey is fairly recent , 3 years, and just began early one morning when i could hear a group of people saying the hail Mary. i though it may have been a request for prayer and began to pray to mother Mary. Since that morning in January i have seen, experienced the most extraordinary spiritual journey.

      I have to be honest i am so reluctant to communicate my journey as i am uncertain of where and who is reading my experience. I have a daughter who possibly is going through a very different journey but still spiritual. She has been searching and reading following interviews and books. Sharing with her my experiences and expressing my desire to learn more she sent the sounds true pod cast interviews with Tami Simon. I came across Laurence Edwards
      interview about Kuldalini awakening and know that is where God is sending me to understand my journey.

      there is so much i relate to as i continue to read about others of my kin that is going through similar journey.

      Please would you give me more information about this group and i am excited to meet all of you and share my daily experiences and learn more about Kuldalini.


  4. Oh wow i can relate to pretty much all of these symptoms and always just shrugged it off as if it was purely the body – pressure by the 3rd eye being allergies or sinus problems. When you have all of these symptoms how long until the kundalini reaches the brain. Just feel like these symptoms have been going on for a very long time. Anxiety symptoms is another one. Restlessness feeling out of sorts or not settled stable. My eyes have been feeling weird almost makes everything look like it has a light haze and they feel weird when you look in different directions. Trembling in my legs. Weird psychic, spirit based dreams. Becoming a recluse. Start to lose a lot of your friends because they don’t get you. Your mind is consumed with feeding the brain knowledges based purely on spiritual things and what most feel is important it isn’t to you ie materials, money etc. you question everything and you mind feels like there are 3 conversations or thoughts happening at once and you find it hard to verbalise them.

  5. I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening about 20 years ago, but was not quite prepared to process it at the time. Although dramatic shifts took place over the years and I have essentially reformulated my life, I was somewhat intimidated by the power of the energy and while I did not prevent its flow, I did thwart it significantly. Through the pursuit of self-improvement and various forms of work in myriad modalities, over the last year, I felt more prepared to let the kundalini do it’s work. I have been having more and more Kundalini symptoms including full body waves of ecstasy, cosmic consciousness, chakra opening, heart opening, expansive thoughts, etc. It can be scary, and you’ve got to be prepared to FACE the TRUTH about who you are, how you think, how culture has hindered your development, etc. Finding a way to stay grounded that works for you, taking plenty of time for yourself to process whatever comes up, and SURRENDER are key. So glad to see more sites like this, when I was 20 and this happened to me, there was not a lot of information out there and I was so amazed by what was happening to me. Great site!

    • Thanks for commenting. How did you Thwart the Kundalini? For many, that is really hard for them to do. In my own personal experience, I have found when you internally speak to Kundalini, it does seem to understand you. I have asked for it to please let me perform tasks during the day without being hampered by the Kundalini. Most of the time it seems to work but honestly, not always. I consider Kundalini to be my Big Momma, The Mother of the Universe. So when she decides to work on me, I remember “Mother knows Best!”. I am just a small fleck of the Universe and my level of understanding of the Universe is very limited while I am limited to the senses of this human body. Understand we are working with a divine energy that was part of creation of the universe. It knows you, your body and your energetic system in a way that medicine and science does not understand yet. So I do my best to surrender and let the Kunalini do what it needs to. I have found when I do surrender, my Kundalini experience is very calm and much less dramatic. Learning to Surrender has taken work for me but has been rewarding.

      Yes my life, my career, and personal life had to change too.

  6. So happy to find your blog! My awakening started in 2003 but then stopped for a time only to reemerge recently full-on. I have been spontaneously entering the trance state and had not found that as a symptom elsewhere.

  7. being a believer in massage therepy for years my awakening started on it’s own.Little by little symptoms happened,and left me feeling awesome for up to days at a time.During one massage things went off in a huge way.My massage therapist sent me information that explained what had been going on.I had no idea,but now want more.I’m looking for like minded people to explore this great sorce of joy.I have had only positive experiences.I’m reading about the negative ones,but am not worried about them.(Should I be?)

    • I am always on the fence about whether to tell someone that a Kundalini Awakening is a good thing to pursue or not. I am fortunate that most of my Kundalini Rising has been mostly manageable and positive but last month it became very negative. So tread carefully.

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