Something that I needed to see right now.

I read this article over and over again. It came to me when I needed to read it. See I can feel my consciousness changing. Or it could be I have cut back majorly on Coke Zero with its artificial sweeteners. I have stop using Flouride because its been linked to calcifying the pineal gland (third eye chakra). I am only eating red meat once weekly. I am eating mainly organic food but damn its expensive! I do sneak my blueberries and black berries from Walmart. I am doing my best to purify myself for my Kundalini. In its own way, its telling me to do these things. I am slowly losing weight. I will start walking too.

“To stop pretending we are limited and deficient”

I feel society, culture, and the media disservice us by telling us what is hot and what is not. We are told what to wear and what is old. We are told the roles we must live by. Society even pressures us to be heterosexual. Early in our lives we are told who to worship. With that what is good and evil. WE are pressured to conform at a very early age. In school we are taught what to believe about the world. In the movies, it has been very common to have at least one murder in the show.

We wonder why so many people are unhappy or depressed? Its because the society as we know it seems to be against you at every level and you feel like there is no way out. You think, is this all I am? No! You are a spiritual person who seeks enlightenment. You can about feel it but it seems out of reach. Its not out of reach. Look within. What does your spirit yearn for? What does it need? Ask yourself these questions and seek. We are all seekers. We are here to grow and evolve. Do not let society, culture and the media decide who you are. You are more than that. Do not limit your possibilities. You have the potential to do anything you set your mind, heart and spirit to. Believe in yourself! Listen and the answers will come.

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