The Challenge of Finding Balance.

I recently went through a rather high activity rate of Kundalini activity for three weeks. I was having Kundalini symptoms about 24/7. I see now that my head was in the clouds. I came back to Earth today. lol Today I got into a argument with my lover and I was hurt. He was giving me tough love about my poor eating habits. But I was emotionally raw from being sleep deprived and the Kundalini activity. I just broke down and sobbed. I intentionally put space between us so I could calm down and think everything through.

I did some errands and I felt better. I realized that normally I would not have gotten so upset. Alas, I think he is still upset that I got hurt. That was not his intention.

The stress and emotional pain ceased my Kundalini activity for most of the day. I seem to have stayed in a state of constant exhaustion today. This seems to happen whenever I am heavily stressed. I went to bed early today and I woke up and I felt rather “normal”. Anyone who is going through a Kundalini Rising can relate that feeling normal can be rather rare but very welcomed.

I meditated and felt a light pressure on my Third Eye Chakra. Just like the Kundalini was giving me a gentle reminder that its still working in the background.

I cannot find a term that adequately describes my relationship with Kundalini. At first I was frightened by her but as time went on, I found love for her. Considering the terrible experiences I have read from other people with Kundalini Rising, she has never given me more than I can handle. A important thing I have learned from Kundalini is the art of surrender. My symptoms are much easier when I just let her do what she wants. If the symptoms get really intense, I know its time to lay down and relax. Let her take over. She is Divine and much wiser than I am. I have learned to trust her. She is really doing for my own good.

But finding balance can be difficult. I have a job, bills, responsibilities like everyone else. I cannot meditate all day or let the Kundalini stay in control.

I have found that by allowing Kundalini to have a hour of two of control nightly helps very much. I usually do it before bedtime. I kinda relax and become receptive to the Kundalini. Sometimes I feel like meditating. I find by doing this, I make my Kundalini happy. I am able to sleep well and have less symptoms through out the day.

I actually cleaned my house and enjoyed how grounding it is.

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