Update 12-04-13
I ended up going to ER and was treated for a tooth abcess. Instead of suffering, I should had gotten checked out sooner. When You have Kundalini Symptoms regularly, its easy to think that actual medical problems are Kundalini related. I took a ten day course of amoxicillin and I am doing fine. I am keeping my past entry down below so others can learn from my mistake.


Its been a while since I have made a personal blog post about my Kundalini Experiences. I have been hesitant because its been really tough. Even though my Kundalini is still at my Throat Chakra, some of its energy has also been working on my Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. For close to a year it was mainly pressure and strange sensations in my Chakras. Last week I got a terrible tooth ache. The pain was terrible. But then I started to have pain in my lower lip, left jaw, upper mouth, left temple and left forehead. I had never felt pain like this before. I would begin to sweat and talking was very painful to do. Which is tough because my job involves talking on the phone a lot. I about went to emergency but sensed they wouldn’t find the cause. I literally laid down and went into a deep meditative state while surrendering and the pain all faded in ten minutes. I have to say, trying to meditate and surrender when feeling such extreme pain was very hard to do. I look back now and I am shocked how well I did. By instinct, I learned if I put pressure on the tip of the chin, that the pain would go away or at least become more manageable. Then out of the blue, I just knew that the pain in my lower mouth was over. I have not had pain there since. I could feel that the Kundalini’s energy had shifted higher up.

Today I felt much better but I had two bad pain episodes. Mainly my left jaw. the upper mouth, the bones above it, my temple and left forehead. The pain was about unbearable. It felt like I had been hit in the face with a 4×4. I laid there sweating and rocking in pain. Of all damn times I get a work call. I could hardly think straight but I got through it. Chewing also seems to make it worst. Ive lost three pounds over the last week because I dread eating. I just keep the faith that this is temporary and will soon past. Just like my lower mouth did.

I have to say this has been the hardest part of my Kundalini Rising. Compared to many, my Kundalini Rising has been very positive until this part.