Do NOT “TRY” to awaken your Kundalini! Your time will come.

Understand that every single soul will eventually raise their Kundalini. If not in this Life Time, possibly the next. Kundalini is not just reserved for people who believe in it. Eventually everyone will experience it, *when its their time to.*

It is spiritual evolution of human kind. Just because science cannot prove its real, does not mean it is not real. Science has not become advanced yet enough to understand it.

But eventually I feel it will. Eventually, the medical and scientific communities will have to give it more attention as more people begin to naturally experience Kundalini Awakening. More people will seek answers.

I advice NOT trying to raise your Kundalini. Ideally your body and mind need to be prepared before your Kundalini is aroused. Making your body a open and pure circuit for the Kundalini to flow through.

Alas, it seems that Kundalini decides that certain people are ready way before they have prepared themselves for it. The more resistance and fear you have for it, the more difficult your Kundalini Awakening process will be.

Understand that Kundalini knows you and is way more wiser than you. Its been here since the beginning of creation. Its understands you and your body better than any doctor. When you stop resisting and fearing it and actually begin letting it do what it needs to, your experience will be much more positive. Its trying to help you evolve, not harm you.

One day I feel that world population will be having so many Kundalini Awakenings and Risings the World Governments will need to address it very seriously. If you have experienced Kundalini. imagine if millions or even billions of people begin experiencing it at once? Imagine the ramifications it will cause to our World. It would bring a new age to mankind. A new era in the evolution of the human race. We will the world embrace it or live in fear of it?


6 thoughts on “Do NOT “TRY” to awaken your Kundalini! Your time will come.

  1. The last few years i have been very stuck in my life. So stuck that i have been unable to take part in life (e.g.: work, support myself, get married etc). The fear of life has been so great. Now my Kundalini has awoken and is it a constant challenge. Warm tingly heat rising up inside me. I hope it heals what has been holding me back. Then i can design a new life… have a new life.

  2. Namstey,,,,
    I have very worst experience with yog- pranayam.I did it in 2011 with my full decipline n healthy life style without any spiritual purpose. but one day experince changess my whole view towards it. I felt some extra sensations at my spine n navel area with a lot of blissfull vibration at my lips while doing kapalbhati whole incident was very pleasurable:-)
    but after this experience my mind and thoughts are changed automatically.
    I faced many problem with focusing anything and many liquidary sensations in my body and head feel heavy everytime.
    then I consulted this whole with at patanjali yog haridwar but there is no satisfactory solution I found. After 3_4 months a lot of headaches started then I consulted with nuero docters they make many testes related to brain(MRI) n blood etc but all reports were normal. When I told my pranayam experinces to docters they make laugh at me, n advised to go consult with psychitrist I counselled with a psychitrist but there was also no any solutions.I was experiencing different day to day in my body. the whole thing can’t explain through this message. Now there is four years spent without any solution. My mental condition is going very worst now I am loosing myself. If you can really help me and understand my problem then please provide way of contact you.
    -Gajender (Jaipur,Rajasthan,India)
    -whatsapp contact +919460381204

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