Kundalini and the Stress Factor.

Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual stress has been found to arouse the Kundalini.

Two weeks before my Kundalini rose in 2004, I had had my nipples pierced and participated in a skin pull. It was very intense and profound experience for me.

A week later, I was visiting my parents when they got into a terrible argument. It was extremely stressful and upsetting to witness. I was crying as I drove home. I kept sobbing worse and worse. In my mind, I ask why I had been born into this family and subjected to this mental abuse? I remember screaming as loud as I could while I was in the car. I felt pure pain, desperation, and weariness. I stopped screaming but the screaming continued to echo inside the car. Then I heard a voice in my head. It said, “You have been heard!”. In that moment something changed. My emotions calmed and by the time I got home, I was no longer upset. A week later, my Kundalini began to rise to my Sacral Chakra.

Would I recommend getting a body piercing or subjecting yourself to mental and emotional trauma for the chance to experience Kundalini Arousal? Hell no!

The website below talks about stress and kundalini. I don’t agree with everything on this site. I am also not a medical doctor or biologist so I don’t know if the author’s medical knowledge is accurate or not. But it is interesting to read.


Here is a interesting part of the website.

“Giving birth and other stressful conditions in which will is overcome often lead to a kundalini experience. The potent neurological and hormonal mix that is pumped into the body during birthing activates kundalini. There is an increase in oxytocin to create the contractions…both sides of the nervous system are activated…release of mega opiates…DMT release…pressure of the baby in the pelvis…muscles are charged by exertion…extra breathing increases blood oxygen…CSF ionized by heightened condition of parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous systems…liver releases glucose for exertion—all these and more is why kundalini sparks up during birthing. Christina Grof mentioned that kundalini that had arisen during the birthing of her child was stopped by an injection of morphine.

During the initiation stage of a full-on awakening we can assume that both the thyroid and the parathyroid glands are hyperactive. It’s interesting to note that hyperparathyroidism increases the ionized calcium in the cerebrospinal fluid causing psychotic symptoms. The parathyroid governs the extra-cellular calcium levels. It could be a unique combination of oxygen intake, hormonal levels and activation of the sympathetic nervous system that creates the initial spark of kundalini up the spine.

Sudden stress or the relief of prolonged stress can bring on a kundalini awakening. Whether it is the stress of recognition of the Self though contact with a Guru or through finding a “true love.” “When the senses are heightened because of stress, novelty, or fear, it’s much easier to become a mystic or feel ecstasy or fall in love. Danger makes one receptive to romance. Danger is an aphrodisiac.” P.166, Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of Love. Stress, even the stress of new growth, might be essential to trigger hypertonality of the sympathetic nervous system, allowing kundalini to spark off. PTSD is also a preparatory factor to kundalini triggering.”

Experiencing a Spontaneous Kundalini Rising/Awakening without any idea what is happening is a huge stress inducer! I have come to realize that it is like adding gasoline to a fire out of control. Your fear and stress feeds the Kundalini. That fear along with resistance can cause many negative symptoms to arise.

This is why its so important to get good information out to anyone who is experiencing Kundalini. When you are well informed and understand Kundalini, then there is less fear and stress. Which means the Kundalini will calm down.

The stress factor does not only happen at the beginning of Kundalini Arousal. Once your Kundalini awakes, you will need to control your stress carefully. I have realized if I try to skip a meal or if I do not eat enough, my Kundalini gets aroused. If I over eat, sometimes my Kundalini gets active. If I get upset about anything, my Kundalini sometimes acts up. Also lack of sleep can arouse your Kundalini. It doesn’t happen every time but enough to take note of it.

I had one of the worse panic attacks Ive ever had on 2-18-14. I went without sleep for 36 hours. (On a side note, my eyes often involuntarily open on their own when I start going into deep meditation.)Every time I would relax enough to sleep my eyes would involuntarily start opening. It happened over and over again! I finally got up and worked some. Once the panic went away completely, the eye problem ceased. Also during this time my whole body was trembling.

My Kundalini has been much more active and stronger since my panic attack. Its been five days now and its still going strong. I get a lot of pressure in my head but especially around my Third Eye Chakra. Lots of tightness and pressure in my Throat Chakra too. Sometimes I just have to lay down and let the Kundalini do its work. Usually I feel much better after Fifteen minutes of surrender.

Things to do if you experiencing a Kundalini Rising/Awakening.

1. Learn to trust the Kundalini.

Its trying to purify your body and raise your consciousness. The more you fear and resist it, the more problems you will have. Kundalini has a universal intelligence and knows you better than you think! To be Kundalini Awakened is a special grace. Do not fear it.

2. Surrender to the Kundalini.

When I make the effort to Surrender to the Kundalini, I hardly have any problems. I rarely feel the Kundalini except at bed time. Make a daily practice of laying down and focusing on letting go and surrendering to the Kundalini. It becomes easier and easier with time.

3. Learn good Stress Coping Skills.

Learn relaxation techniques. Learn to take deep breaths and try to keep your emotions in check. If you have anger issues, take a Anger Management class. If you have emotional problems, seek therapy so you can talk it out.

4. Do not fast. Do not skip meals or over eat.

Fasting will make your Kundalini really active. Try to eat meals before you get really hungry. Do not over eat. Lots of carbs will arouse your Kundalini. Red Meat and Root Vegetables will help ground you. Remember to do not stress your body!

5. Get adequate sleep.

Do not become sleep deprived. Do not over sleep either. Keep a healthy sleep schedule. Be consistent. When you wake up, turn on a light to light the whole room. Your Third Eye Chakra is more active in a dark room.

6. Keep a Healthy Routine.

Keep your life balanced in a healthy way. Get Regular exercise. A Healthy diet, Drink lots of Water, get enough rest and try to keep your life less stressful.

I know easier said than done right? Just try your best every day. Life happens, its how you react to stress that matters!

Gwendolyn Mims

Do you want to be a Evolutionary?

We are living in exciting times. More and more people are beginning to evolve. When you have a Kundalini Rising or Awakening, you are evolving. More and more people are learning about esoteric knowledge. Yoga and Buddhism is becoming more popular. People are opening their minds. There is more information about Kundalini on the net. Accurate information needs to be spread about it! Everyone will eventually have a Kundalini Awakening. If not in this life time, possibly your next life time. We all growing, step by step. Becoming closer to the Absolute (or include your higher power here). It is your destiny!

So every person is a Evolutionary. Do you bring love, peace and joy to this world? Do you have a desire to help others? Do you wish you could heal the world? To end needless suffering? Are you a soldier of love and light?

We all have a chance to be a soldier of love and light. How? Giving unconditional love to others. Help others. Raise the vibration of this planet. What you do matters!

Imagine how the world would change if we all simply sent out love, healing, peaceful energy to the world every day? What if we all worked together to end poverty? What if we all stood up for peace? I believe it can happen.

Every person you see is part of the Source. We are all brothers and sisters. We all share the first Mother and Father. We are all connected. We are all One. There is one Source and all religions worship that source. So Religious wars are ridiculous! We all need peace!

Loving unconditionally is hard to do sometimes. We are so use to expecting something for everything we do. We need to retrain our brain and heart. Start with small acts of love, kindness and giving. Get pleasure from knowing you made someone feel happiness. Feel good that you rose the vibration of the planet. Also its good for your Karma. Also doing acts of unconditional love is great for your heart chakra. It can be healing. So yeah, you do get something back.

This will always be a work in progress. But as time goes on it will become more easier. It will become very natural for you. With time, it can transform you.

This is my work in progress. I invite you to join me. We all can be warriors of light and love.

Gwen Mims

My Kundalini Symptoms

A reader has asked me to describe the Kundalini symptoms I have had with each Chakra. Currently my Kundalini is at my Throat Chakra.

Root Chakra:
Pressure, Feel like there is large ball of energy at root Chakra. Tingling sensation, heat.

Sacral Chakra:
Pressure, Heat, Intense Sexual Arousal, Spontaneous Orgasms, Bliss, Stomach Contractions and Cramping. Shaking of the whole body. Spontaneous yogic positions. Moving body in snake like ways. Speaking in tongues. Trance like states. Shifts in consciousness.

Solar Plexus Chakra:
Stomach Disturbances, Pressure, Heat, Stomach Contractions, Intense Pressure when Meditating. Food Cravings. Becoming more energy sensitive.

Heart Chakra: Intense Pressure around Heart Chakra, Pain, Irregular Heart beat, Overly Emotional, painful memories coming to the surface. I had a terrible bout of depression hit me days before my Kundalini rose to my throat chakra. As soon as the Kundalini rose, the depression disappeared. Food Cravings. Becoming more energy sensitive. I had my heart checked and everything was normal.

Throat Chakra: Pressure in neck up to where skull begins. Feeling like something in Throat. Especially near bedtime. Food and drink does not help. Pressure and heat in Throat. Tightness in throat. Feel pressure in the back of head at the Third Eye Chakra. Tenderness at Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Hearing inner voice or high self. This voice does not keep me from going into deep meditation. During this past year I began a structured Meditation practice. Meditating so deeply that I about stop breathing. Deep moments of bliss. Becoming more energy sensitive. Moments of bliss after eating certain foods. Seems to happen Randomly. Easily fatigued. Energy shooting through my body and up my head. Feeling energy vibrating in legs with heat. Legs hot to the touch. This happens as I lay down to meditate nightly. Feel pressure tightness and pressure in Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart Chakra when meditating. Shifts in Consciousness. Headaches that food and medicine that doesn’t help. Trance like states. I had my Throat Checked by a Throat Specialist and had a Xray Video done to see what happens when I swallow. Everything came back normal.

In my case and some other people’s experiences, the initial rising from the Root Chakra to Sacral Chakra are most intense. Its like like putting 220 watts through a 110 watts wire. If you have not prepared your body through yoga and meditation, expect a very intense period to happen. This is what happened to me. There is no way I could have worked during this time. At exactly two months everything just about stopped. I hardly had any symptoms for five years. When my Kundalini got aroused again, it was much less intense. It much more manageable now.


Need Help from my Readers who are Energy Healers.

I have a big problem with my Twenty year old cat. She is pretty healthy for her age but she has bad arthritis and has a hard a hard time reaching her hind quarters to groom. She is also losing her hearing. Other than that, she is doing well but I cannot seem to touch without with her going into spasm or some kind of attack. Whenever my Kundalini is active which is pretty much all the time, when I rub her, she starts biting and pulling on her sides and she is stiff from arthritis, she cannot reach her hind quarters and falls on her back. She strains to roll over and usually pisses on her self. She gets up and walks away. As long as I don’t touch her, she will be fine. If I touch her again, the same thing will happen.

This has been going on for 1.5 months. As long as I don’t touch her, she doesn’t react this way. Before this all happened, I would hold her a few times a week and rub her while sending loving healing energy into her. She really loved this and would come to me for it sometimes. I have two other cats who love the energy and purr loudly when I touch them.

I am learning to tone down the energy in my hand and arm. But Its been difficult to keep doing it for long.

Tonight it was dinner time for my cats. She was awake but didn’t hear me calling for dinner. I picked her up to take her to her food dish, and seconds later she had a spasm in my arms. I was not sending any energy to her. I put her down and she was OK again.

I know the most simple thing is not to touch her but I don’t want her to feel like I don’t care for her. We are really close. I’ve had her all my adult life. She gets checked regularly by my vet and they are always impressed by how well she is doing. I just don’t know what to do.

I need advice from my readers who are Energy Healers. Especially if you work with animals.


My cat, Angel, when she was Eighteen years old.

Seeking Volunteers to Contribute to My Kundalini Blog.

This is a invitation to contribute to my blog. I am seeking personal accounts of Kundalini Rising and Awakening experiences. I think hearing about other people’s experiences could help my readers. Because Let’s face it, its not easy talking to friends and family about this. Having a Kundalini Rising has been isolating for me in a way. When I have tried to explain my Kundalini Rising to my Mother and Sister,they thought it was very weird and new agey. They didn’t really seem comfortable talking about it. Which was disappointing because my Kundalini Rising has become a important part of my life.

Heck, I went to the Buddhist Meditation Center and when I brought up Kundalini to the Meditation Instructor, he had nothing to say. I spoke to another person there and they had no clue what I was talking about! Instead of getting frustrated about it all, I try to take everything with a sense of humor. I got to my car and just started to laugh.

My next journey out will be to a Yoga Center. Ive honestly been hesitant to do Yoga around strangers because I am afraid my Kundalini will make me something strange. Like involuntary movements or have shifts in consciousness. I do know that laying on the bed, on my stomach and resting on my elbows rises my energy. Properly done, its similar to the Cobra pose.

I am getting off topic here. If you would like to contribute your Kundalini experiences, email me at SacredWorlds@aol.com. I will need to approve it before posting it. Sharing your experiences will help others experiencing Kundalini. Also your experiences will help inform people curious or new to Kundalini.

Plus it its always reassuring to know you are not alone.

Post finished at 3:33 am. This time seems to keep coming up at certain times in my life.


Kundalini Awakening is NOT Demonic Possession.

Nine years ago, I had a Spontaneous Kundalini Rising. It rose to my Sacral Chakra and for two months, I had the most intense Kundalini activity of my life (so far!). I had very strong stomach contractions that would lift my upper body off the bed. I had spontaneous Orgasms and moments of complete bliss. When my Kundalini was most intense, I began speaking and singing in a language that I did not know. I guess you can say I was speaking in tongues. I also would go into trance like states at random times. Mostly when I relaxed or went to bed. Most of this activity was strongest at bed time and still continues to do so.

When this all happened, I had no clue what was happening to me. I never felt a evil or oppressive presence. I knew this was of a obvious spiritual nature. I was a spiritual person before this happened and I meditated every once in a while. I did not have a structured spiritual practice.

I went to Google and typed in some of things I had been experiencing. The first few results spoke of Kundalini Awakening and Demonic Possession. As you can imagine, I became frightened after reading articles about Possession. I had never heard of Kundalini and the whole concept was totally new to me. Luckily I knew a little about Chakras so I had somewhere to start learning.

(The reason I started this blog was because I wanted to help anyone who just had a spontaneous Kundalini Rising or Awakening. Plus help educate the curious. Because I know how scary it can be to not know what is happening to yourself in this situation.)

When I had the Kundalini rise I never felt compelled to harm myself or others. I never felt like I was being harmed. I have never felt adversarial against Christianity or any faith. If anything, the whole experience made me more spiritual. I never felt anything evil.

I can look back and hind sight is 20/20. I can now see that my life was being prepared for my Kundalini Rising. I had quit a 9 to 5 job and began working from home a year before this happened. Otherwise I would have lost my job during the two Months my Kundalini was most active. It did allow me to read and study up on what Kundalini basically was.

Over the last nine years, My Kundalini has slowly gone up and stopped at each Chakra until Its at my Throat Chakra now. Demonic Possession does not do that. Demonic Possession hits you like a Sixteen Wheeler and takes complete control over you. I never lost time with my Kundalini Rising. Even though I felt shifts in consciousness I never lost my awareness.

The Devil is NOT trying to take my Soul. Kundalini or Shakti, is trying to cause a Spiritual evolution within myself and others. Kundalini is trying raise your Consciousness and help you become one with your Higher Power.

I have to say for me its been a positive spiritual transformation. I am very spiritual now and meditate at least a hour daily. After the intense two month activity about nine years ago, it mysteriously stopped for 4-5 years. Then on a spring day it Started up again and has been active ever since. My Kundalini symptoms has been very manageable. Thankfully! Not everyone can say that.

If you do feel Demonically Possessed, You will have a intense hate for Priests and laymen. Holy Water will burn. You will react violently to be taken into a Church or any holy place. Biblical scriptures will enrage you.