Keep your Eyes on the Prize. Psychic Powers and Siddhis.

I have received countless emails asking about how to get psychic powers or siddhis. Because people read about the amazing gifts or talents that Kundalini Awakened people get. First focus on awakening your Kundalini from a dormant state. Learn yoga, manta, pranayama and meditation to help the Kundalini Rise. Start by meditating daily. Then start … Continue reading Keep your Eyes on the Prize. Psychic Powers and Siddhis.

Deep Questions about Oneness and Nonduality.

I have been reading more Zen and Buddhist writings along with some writings on Yoga. See we are all one. The universe and everything in it are waves and frequencies of energy. Some can be seen and some cannot. Some are solid, some are liquid and some are gaseous. We all come from the same … Continue reading Deep Questions about Oneness and Nonduality.

How do we chant Om?

How do we chant Om (Aum)? Quoted from: Om (Aum) pronunciation; A mantra that can be recited by anyone is the Om mantra. For Om japa to be effective, the mantra must be pronounced correctly. Remember that the Om (Aum) has actually four syllables. There is ‘A’, ‘U’, ‘M’ and the silent syllable. For … Continue reading How do we chant Om?

Being the Detached Observer

Imagine being the director of a movie. You are sitting back and watching the actors doing a scene. Now imagine if this movie was your life. The actors are you, your family and friends. If you sat back and reviewed your current life, what would be your story? Being a Directer or Observer means you … Continue reading Being the Detached Observer