One of my biggest challenges I’ve had since my Kundalini Rising has is learning how to handle the large onslaught of excess energy I am given about nightly. I find when this happens is also when I have the most intense Kundalini symptoms.

Here is what I have read to do.

1. Stop all meditation and yogic practices.

This does not work for me but might help you

2. Eat meat and potatoes. Root Vegetables.

Red Meat seems to make my kundalini more active. It might work for you.

3. Daily Vigorous exercise.

This does seem to help for a while. When i get rested up, the energy comes back. Also I got hot very quickly because my normal temp. is 99.3. Felt like fire was coursing through my body. Had to stop. Stay hydrated.

4.Work in the dirt. Gardening and yard work.

Mixed with vigorous activities did help for a while. See note from above.

5. Place bare feet on ground.

Helps sometimes. Give it a try.

6. Send Energy through hands into Earth.

This did not work for me. The energy just got replaced.

7. Send excess energy into universe through hands!

This has worked the best for me! Its so easy to do. Just takes practice to do. Visualize the energy flowing from your tail bone up to the heart, flowing through your arms into your hands. Focus on sending the excess energy out of your hands into the universe. Do it until you start feeling normal again.

I also try to send out the energy with the focus of love and healing. I do this with the hope that the energy will go where its most needed.

This works for me and I hope it works for you!

If all fails, I just lay down, relax, and let the Kundalini work through you. Sometimes that is all you can do.

Gwen Mims

Hello! I am Morgan Hayes. I live in the Southeastern United States with my two furry children. In 2004, I had a Kundalini Rising that transformed my life. I created this Blog to share my personal journey with my Kundalini Awakening and to possibly help others on this path. I have truly enjoyed getting to know my readers and learning about their own Kundalini experiences. In my free time, I try to keep a regular meditation and yoga practice. I also enjoy hiking and getting out in the nature. Spending time with my family and friends. Enjoying life!

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