Kundalini & Red Meat, My Experience.

Ever since I started my Kundalini Awakening journey, I have read everywhere and especially in yogic texts, that a vegetarian or raw diet is ideal for having a Kundalini Awakening. Its even frequently stated that red meat is good for helping to ground and stabilize Kundalini when its too active.

For me the opposite has been true. I have cravings for red meat and it seems to help raise my Kundalini. I have noticed it for a long time now.

Last night, I had a Ribeye Steak. Thirty minutes after it, I felt strange. I could feel that my Kundaini was becoming active. I laid down and let the Kundalini work through me. My vision got blurry and my consciousness and perception changed. I felt like I had taken a valium. This lasted for hours. It was a pleasant way to be. My mind got very still.

I am saying all this because my experience has been unique. I highly doubt I am the only one experiencing this. Just know you are not alone. There are so many path ways to enlightenment. Not all are on the same beaten path.

With that being said. I do hate that animals have to be killed to feed me. If I ever had to kill a animal to eat, I highly doubt I could do it. I know I will be judged for saying this but I am who I am.

I try to get red meat that is free of antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives. I prefer that they be Vegetarian fed.

17 thoughts on “Kundalini & Red Meat, My Experience.

  1. I had a kundalini awakening many years ago that led me on a path that I am still exploring. I ate mainly plant-based for the majority of that time. It’s very hard to assess one’s own diet when it becomes a habit and attachment develops. It can become an obstacle upon the path leading to a health crisis. That was my experience, and meat subsequently became an important part of my sustenance. Since then, my spiritual practice has improved, and I often wonder why many traditions speak against a food that has such power to heal. Spiritual development requires us to become disciplined, and perhaps abstaining from such a powerful source of nutrition has become confused with sensual activity – the warming of the blood that many gurus warn of. But is is precisely this stimulation of kundalini that we seek. The repair and strengthening of the myelin sheath through the consumption of saturated fat allows us to become safely charged and avoid a burnout (I know all about this!). I suspect many gurus repeat what they have heard, what has become tradition, without understanding the intense energy that surrounds spiritual illumination. A vegetarian diet may seem more virtuous (especially to an age used to representations of cartoon animals as cute and vulnerable), but we are effectively denying the reality that life is a thing that eats of itself and does so without judgement or dietary goalposts. A seeker upon the path who explores all options has a better chance of success than one who sticks dogmatically to a diet that might not serve them.

  2. I think that it is quite common for people to need meat when Kundalini becomes active. It is even recommended ex cathedra, so to speak. Guru’s orders.

  3. Hello,

    I’ve had many food cravings, it started with avocados, few months after my Kundalini was activated I started craving avocados, never before did I like them. I ate an avocado with everything…literally. I couldn’t stop. My body must have needed more fat,…just assumption..but the energy was way to intense, way too strong. I don’t remember if the avocado grounded me more, calmed or not I just remember the craving. My Kundalini has been active for 5 years now.
    I no longer crave avocados, still eat them sometimes. Recently I was craving watermelon, and ate enormous amounts of it…now I am addicted to pesto, I think soonI’ll make a pesto cheesecake :)))

  4. Ok everyone sais you go very ill after being a vegetarian .

    The problem is you do not get sick from becoming a vegetarian , mostly what is happening your body start detoxing the meat from your body and that makes you feel like you become sick . Nothing is as it seems . And when you people say my body needs meat is just the cells that are in your body that are made of meat since you been eating meat for all your life . Becoming a vegetarian does kinda improve health but after many years . But if you keep eating huge ammounts of cooked food , sugar, breads . Our body deteriorates just as fast as with eating meat . We shorten our lifes atleast by half or much more because of our eating habbits .
    If we were supposed to eat cooked food we would have been born with an oven on our backs , wake up people . We only cook food to make it edible and cook meat else the bacterias in the meat will kill us , so see are we supposed to eat that shit to start with ? Does not really make sense . But this are deeeeep subject with deep addictions and habbits that not many manage to get rid of .

    Those cells are begging you to eat meat because they are dying out while vegetarian cells are building up untill all your cells in your body are changed it takes about 3 years for that to happen . So its a matter of perception . Nobody cares not even god cares of what you guys do or eat . So no judgement .
    But i do recomand not to be cowards if you do eat meat kill the animal yourself else you just pay someone else to do it because we are too weak to deal with our own concequences . We dont dare to look that animal in the eye and kill it but its ok to pay someone else to do it how is that ethical . Even when all your body cells are replaced the addiction in the brain and some part the bodies memory keep the addiction of meat active for many years . Lets not underestimate that . I had a sudden incredible kundalini awakening spontaneous . And that happened after becoming a vegetarian for a while .
    And since my kundalini got active it is true ones i did eat meat somehow i could feel more kundalini activity but freaking bad thoughts arrise i think i could sense the fear the animal went through . And no it was not in my head they were fisical and mental symptoms real ones that i cant ignore . So maybe i prefer for kundalini to be less active but to rise in a organic way .

    And people said they went into like a trance , they do not understand that the meat contains some kind of morphine that drug us when we eat it , that drug is in milk too is needed to keep the baby calf returning to his mother in order to insure his survival . So when you eat that meat you will feel good like on drugs especially after being vegetarian for a while .

    Its all body chemistry . but then again what do i know i only say what i tested out for myself and what i found out .
    Maybe there is not only one truth . And defenetly people are not open minded enough to test things out properly and for long periouds of time . We live in an instant gratification era . Nobody cares of the price we pay in 10 years from now as long as they feel good now but guess what . Maybe there is a price to pay .
    Also its incredible the lie we tell ourselves just to keep on staying in bad habbits like the lie that we evolved and expanded our consiousness from eating meat . What if it is the opposite . and we been lied too . Depends on if you see selfish , mental diseased , and cancer full society as evolved then yeah you can say you have evolved , But is that so , use ur own judgement .

    • I appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks for sharing. I have tried twice so far but I am considering trying again. I became so ill both times that I could hardly function let alone work. If that is what going through detox from a drug is like, my heart goes out to everyone in recovery. It was one of worst sicknesses I have ever had.

    • Omg thank you so much for your post, I have experienced the exact same thing with the instrusive thoughts, it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I would have these very invasive negative thoughts and it would seep into the body, and I would experience all the pain and horror the animal went through. So much so that I cannot avoid that anymore and have since went vegan and feeling so much better.

      You are also correct on how the body is addicted to meat, I would get hungry for it only to eat something else and then I would feel great. The brain and body a closely connected and there is defintand addiction to meat connected to the brain.

      Again thank you so much, bless 🙏🌌🏄

  5. Hi there, I tried being vegetarian and also pescetarian for many years and once I started eating red meat again I felt much more healthy, my being seemed to glow from within just a short time after eating.

    I researched more and it seems humans have been eating red meat (mostly beef) for much of our evolution, including in Vedic times, so in general we are very accustomed to red meat as food. It seems barbaric to kill an animal and eat meat but if we look at the Earth everything is eating something else… when I look at cows and sheep in the fields I don’t feel guilty that it’s also food for me. Some people even believe that when you sacrifice and eat an animal then it helps the animals soul to evolve and ascend through reincarnation.

    Also, check out this story about Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

    “He was a vegetarian in a family which was eating meat. Once he went to his Guru to Bhagewadi in Biljapur District and in the course of the spiritual discussions his Guru Maharaj suddenly changed the subject and looking at him asked whether he ate mutton to which he replied in the negative.

    After hearing this his Guru said that he would make him eat mutton the next day and he felt very confused and shocked. He bowed down to him and requested him to excuse him because it was likely that he would vomit. But Guru Maharaj told him not to worry about it and said if any such thing happened he himself would clean the floor. Unable to go against the dictates of Guru Maharaj he ate mutton and he experienced Brahmananda the whole day. Obviously Maharaj knew about it and asked him with a smile as to how he felt. Speaking about this Nisargadatta used to say, “If one type of food can restrict your spiritual progress, it would mean some other type of food can accelerate it”.

    An interesting link:


    • Thank You so much for posting this. I myself have had inner conflict with eating any meat but as my Kundalini Awakening has progressed, I have found my body requires its nutrients more. I have not made any new posts recently because my Kundalini has finally passed my Third Eye Chakra and is now working on passing my Crown Chakra and its stimulating my Bindu Chakra. This has has required much more energy than my previous Chakra risings have. I will be posting more in detail about this soon. At one point I had become so weak after intense pumping of the Kundaini upwards for hours that I could barely stand. For me ingesting red meat and orange juice seemed to help me recover the quickest. I still have a full time job and responsibilities but its been a challenge to juggle everything.

  6. Anyway my point is kundalini awakening is a mystery. Sometimes you just know what works and go with it but don’t know exactly why it works.

    • I have thought about the meat issue often. I hate that by buying meat, I am killing animals for my benefit. Its something I wrestle with often because I am a big animal and nature lover. But for me, it seems I need to meat to function properly while having my Kundalini Rising. If I go without meat for a couple days, I can feel it and I become weak. I am finding having meat and lots of different vegetables daily is ideal for me. I also take liquid vitamin D and B12 complex. Along Opi-Womens Multivitamin and I take extra calcium. I also take 3000mg of Krill Fish Oil daily. I am finding I am needing these nutrients to stay strong while I have an very active Kundalini.


      • Hi Morgan, if you feel you need it then there’s good reason to include it in your diet. In “Branded by the Spirit” by El Collie (one of the most useful pieces. It is a free pdf on the internet), she said she went vegetarian for years prior to her kundalini became active and after her kundalini rose there was a time she craved for poultry, but never red meat. I also know of other people who were strict vegetarians for years but when their kundalini awakens they crave for various types of animal protein. It was simply necessary. In El’s case she too changed from one diet to another dramatically based on what she needed for that particular period of time.

  7. This reminds me of what Gopi Krishna wrote in his book about kundalini. There was a period of time that he went through something which he doubted was a neurosis poisoning conditioning due to over-meditating and he was actually prepared to die. Then he had this dream in which a plate was shown to him with a small portion of meat in it. Then he asked his wife to add some meat to his diet every day after that dream and his condition miraculously got better ever since. I don’t remember him mentioning going back to being vegetarian again. Maybe it was only temporary.

  8. Sometimes you are guided to eat Meat with the kundalini, go with your guidance. I’ve been a vegetarian for years and then ate meat because I needed the protein and iron. I lost a lot of weight. It is preferred to be vegetarian because of animal cruely but go with your guidance.

  9. i think its whatever seems to work best. its the vibration from that the meat carries from animalwhen killed i think is the point, you maybe purifying italso consider that animals are souls too and there job may be to feed you, as weird as that soundsits in there blueprint like having this Rising is in Your blueprint sugar will have a grounding Effect blessings on your blissful journey Deva Singh

    • Thanks, It still makes me feel guilty. They have to suffer to feed me. I tried going Vegetarian for three months and I got very ill. My protein levels were OK but I think now that my B-12 was down. Either way, out of desperation, I ate a steak and three hours later I felt great. My body just seems to need meat.


      • No offence to anyone..after turning vegan
        I never want to go back
        Never felt better or more spiritually connected

        Whether it is related to a change that was happening anyway or part of the change that lead me to veganism

        Either way ill find another way before i hurt someone else to expand my own consciousness ..its not worth it

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