Are you fully Kundalini Awakened?

I would be very curious to speak to someone who has awakened their Kundalini fully.

What happened when your Kundalini rose above your Crown Chakra?

How has your life changed?

Did you experience Ego Loss?

Are you able to have a job after your awakening?

I have a million questions!

Please respond.

5 thoughts on “Are you fully Kundalini Awakened?

  1. I have started my k_activation on my own and then start all this horrible experiences . Ist i realize that something is wrong on my left side of body followed by panic attacks , sleep parylsis and extreamly terryfying nightmares . Then fear for unknown reason haunt me and vivid dreams of dying and dreams abt energy rushing from belly to head . Migrine git disturbance . After 5 years with all these maladies i have got only glimpes of higer connsciouss of other words but now i am obssessed with god and when i see him i thought that i am him or he is me but when they occure again sever terror seize me and mind told me that it is only imagination but not truth and the process continue i better create an imaginative reality and then goes into yet higher reality so i am confuse whr it will end . I read abt a sufi bayazid bastmi and to degree which he reach i think it is almost impossible for any one to reach this let me into despair but then again i start medition and get some improved i think the process is very long and take utmost dedication purness and detechment which is very difficult in modern age materlism and hustle and bustle and decades will be needed to move kundalini into crown till then we will move with more pain and less progress untill our will power proceed with epic struggle

  2. I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in Maui Dec 28th 2011. The big roaring frieght train of energy out the top of my head and into the universe. I had such a tough time grounding and any energy directed at me turned straight to bliss. I had another week in paradise to try and figure things out . I would find my self stopping to stare at peoples auras or a beautiful leaf . I hardly ate anything and I noticed my sacral chakra was blasting constantly . That kept up for almost 4 months . It was actually a great thing to go through . I had an old back injury in that area and was on a lot of painkillers for it . I was a mess emmotionally before this and in constant pain . The last year has been incredible and life changing . Ego loss during the first experience and since then too . I can function at work, though it took awhile to learn to ground and come back to this planet ! I am a solitary witch and practice therapeutic touch . Now I can see energy on other people much clearer and can see chakra colors and have a much closer relationship with “spirit guides ” . If you have any questions I would love to try and answer them. I have been wading through so much of this on my own .

    • Hi Susan,
      I want to thank you for responding. I do have a few questions for you.

      How did it feel when your Kundalini rose above your Crown Chakra?

      What kind of Kundalini symptoms did you have?

      Was ego death instant or did it evolve over time?

      Can you tell me how your life has changed since your full Kundalini Awakening?

      How did you cope when you had a hard time grounding?

      I hope you don’t mind answering these questions for me? I am very intrigued.

      Morgan Hayes

      • How did it feel when your Kundalini rose above your Crown Chakra?

        I felt completely connected, sort of like docking,as the bliss and third eye opened the format landscape became pulsating light and aura beings and love. Love seemed to be knowledge and connectedness.

        Was ego death instant or did it evolve over time?

        Ego seemed not there, after you suck back into the body ego emerges as questions about what just happened…..the mantra seemed to be “no needs”, and that lasted at least three days….no needs ringing and seething into the ego.

        Can you tell me how your life has changed since your full Kundalini Awakening?

        At first you are at peace for about three days…..back in Ego it becomes a quest to find “grace” again…..what was the path….what happened, do I talk about it……pretty soon one realizes no one else knows and you sound crazy, so you pack it away until it happens again. The second time out the top you start to morph….love turns into glow and you actually feel liquid and people yell “what are you”? and they run like hell.

        My first spontaneous kundalini happened on Maui also. My second happened 8 months later in Kabul, Afghanistan in the presence of a former Nasa rocket engineer on his way to India to study sandskrit.

        Kundalini never awakened in me again and it was the internet that I found others had the same experience. Its going from “dual mind” to “divine mind”. The glands are a freeway to the cosmic connection we all share in “divine mind”.

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