One of the more difficult symptoms of Kundalini Awakening is Depression. Kundalini goes through slow and heavy activity phases as it moves up your Chakras. In the slow phases of Kundalini, exhaustion is felt. Also after all the blissful states stop, you often wonder what you did to make all the positive symptoms go way. Often Depression is felt.

Also has we begin to lose our ego, we begin to miss and mourn our old ways of being. Its very common to feel a whole gambit of emotions. Sadness, Anger and Fear because your ego desperately tries to hang on by a thread.

I am not a Doctor or Psychologist! I am only speaking through my own personal experience. Take it or leave it.

There are several kinds of Depression.

Situational Depression is when something is actually going on in your life to cause Depression. It usually goes away on its own with time.

Chemical Depression is when your body actually needs Serotonin or other brain chemicals to not be depressed.

Depression from Hypothyroidism. Whenever my Thyroid Hormones are unbalanced and my Thyroid is low, I get Depression. It can actually get severe. Its important to get your Thyroid checked if you get Depression. Antidepressants and therapy will not help. You will need to get your Thyroid functioning correctly for your Depression to lift.

Major Depression is when you are depressed moderately or severely for over two weeks.

I personally feel if you feel very miserable, out of control and its been over a month, you might want to talk to a Psychologist. Even better if its a Transpersonal Therapist because they will be more likely be well versed in Kundalini Awakenings. They can help you cope and help you vent about the emotions you are having.

The whole topic of Antidepressant medication is very controversial because many Spiritual people feel that you should work through your Depression without medication. While Psychiatrists are often quick to treat Depression with Antidepressants.

From my own experience, I would go to your Medical Doctor and check your Thyroid for Hyperthyroidism. If that checks out, see a Psychologist. If they feel you would benefit from antidepressants, maybe see a Psychiatrist.

If you are feeling Suicidal, see a Psychiatrist ASAP! If you feel you may harm yourself or others, go to Emergency Room or Crisis Center ASAP.

Just know that there is no magic pill to make you happy. You still need to work on yourself. Antidepressants can have side effects.

LOVE YOURSELF MORE! Even as the Kundalini tries to destroy your ego, you will still need to share this body. So Take care of yourself! That means eating a healthy diet. Getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Taking time to meditate if your Kundalini is not too strong. Pamper yourself and do things that make you feel good.

If you feel inclined, pray often. Ask for guidance and healing. In my own experience, prayer helps.