Keep your Eyes on the Prize. Psychic Powers and Siddhis.

I have received countless emails asking about how to get psychic powers or siddhis. Because people read about the amazing gifts or talents that Kundalini Awakened people get.

First focus on awakening your Kundalini from a dormant state. Learn yoga, manta, pranayama and meditation to help the Kundalini Rise. Start by meditating daily. Then start meditating longer. Then meditate twice a day. Make meditation a daily practice.

Surrender to the Kundalini. Love the Kundalini. If you do this, she is like a gentle Mother. Fear and resistance is what causes all the negative experiences you read about.

Psychic powers are nothing in comparison to what you will gain from having and experiencing Universal Consciousness. To actually be one with the Universe or your higher Power. It will be blissful and beautiful.

Sometimes a yogi gets psychic powers but Gurus will tell you to not focus on them. Liberation is what you truly seek! Keep your eyes on the prize!

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