Kundalini and Throat Issue.

For the last three months I have felt something in my throat. It started not long after my Kundalini rose to my Throat Chakra. I can eat and drink but its still there. When my Kundalini had rose to my previous Chakras, I had felt pressure and strange sensations in them. So at first I did not take it too seriously. But now its becoming more persistent. I have hypothyroidism so I wonder if its related.

I have a appointment with a Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor this Thursday. Please send positive thoughts my way.


4 thoughts on “Kundalini and Throat Issue.

  1. I think Ron is being a little too hasty in his judgement of MorganHayes condition. When Kundalini rises it tends to get stuck at varying points along the spine and can feel like a lump. Pranayami Kriyas coupled with bandas can shift the ‘lump’ further upwards. Actually, it isn’t a lump as such, merely a sensation created by the stimulating effect of Kundalini on the local physiology. Rosicruchians (pardon my spelling), have an interesting technique which revivifies any body part or area which is fosused on with the mind, and is similar sensation.

    • I now only notice something in my throat when my Kundalini is really active. Since I got it checked out and everything is OK, I pretty much try to ignore it. Ive had it for so long now that its just part of life.

      I would be curious to read about that technique? Any online so sources?

  2. Cheers to you for taking care of yourself and taking nothing for granted. Seeing ourselves as honestly and clearly as we dare and are able is, to me, the most important thing. Keep going!

  3. It’s your imagination…..Kundalini is a force not a mass. You are trying too hard for something that’s not gonna happen for you……once kundalini leaves the gonads the first body condition is the solar plexus starts to burn and if the kundalini is unleashed it rises and the glands respond by warming and the force continues up the spine, till it hits the crown and everything body goes automated and the cosmic connection is made. Once cosmically connected the third eye dominates and knowledge is realized through love. Real love, gigantic love, supreme love, the divine mind is love and the knowledge of “all that is” permeates.

    live life……move on. If its gonna happen it will be no guessing only knowing while stuck in “dual mind”.

    Listen to your Doctor……but kundalini will not be something science has a knowledge of…..I mentioned it to my Dr. and he said HUH? Never heard of it had no ideas about it actually avoided talking about it after he deemed it spiritual.

    Try in your next life.

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