Massage has been very beneficial as my Kundalini has risen slowly up my spine. My Kundalini has stopped at a energy block at each Chakra. With it has come pressure and stiffness and other symptoms. I had found massaging these areas of high activity have helped relieve their issues. Personally, I prefer a more firmer and rigorous massage to the area. It seem to help with energy blocks.

I will add that when I do this, I will often feel a rush of heat and the energy is now released. You will cool down over time. Also as energy is released, you may feel emotions come over you and this is normal. Just flow with it.

I live alone so I massage myself usually but you will find having someone massage you is more effective. A partner would be perfect for this too. If you can financially afford it, getting a professional massage regularly would be ideal.

Try it and let me know if it helps you too!