What is a Kundalini Awakening?

You may hear it called many things. Like Kundalini-Sakti, Serpent Power, Goddess (Devi) Kundalini, Shakti, The Holy Spirit or just plain Kundalini. She is the Divine Cosmic Energy in the body. Her movement is serpentine so its often described as snake like. For most people, it lies at your root Chakra. Its located at the base of the spine near the perineum. It sleeps there and remains coiled three times.

All the Yogas are methods to help awaken the Kundalini. The goal is to have the Kundalini to rise through the seven Chakras (Energy Centers)and obtain Enlightenment. When the Kundalini passes the Seventh Chakra (Crown Chakra), she unites with Siva which is the masculine part of the Universe. You become one with the cosmic consciousness while still in your living body. You become one with your Higher Power. This state is supposedly blissful and ecstatic. I have read in yogic texts that the Kundalini then goes back down your Chakras and rests again in the Root Chakra. You have reached Enlightenment.

It use to be that serious yoga practices were needed to rise the Kundalini but that is no longer the case. Some people are raising their Kundalini just by meditating. Others are having spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings without any vigorous spiritual practices at all.

Kundalini Awakenings can cause many symptoms as it rises to the Crown Chakra. I will write about this in detail in a future entry. It has been my own personal experience that when you surrender to the Kundalini and allow it to do its works, there are less symptoms.

Kundalini Awakenings can happen quickly or over many years. The Kundalini has to remove blockages and emotional junk before it can rise to your Crown Chakra.

Kundalini is not bad or evil. Its the Divine working through your energy centers so you can Evolve!

I am sure I will be adding more as time goes on.

12 thoughts on “What is a Kundalini Awakening?

  1. Thank you for sharing this information, your life experience, and concerns. I am blessed that kundalini has been a one sided sword for me, thus far, and love/healing is my life experience for this kundalini experience. May life bring you healing internal showers….



  2. Is there anyone who experiences Kundalini that is released from a Chakra on the back of the neck and shoots healing energy throughout the body almost out will (meditation no longer necessary for this transfer). I am interested to know if anyone shares a similar experience. I am grateful to have been given this potential and discovering it during an intense meditationaround 1992. I know it has aided me to be healthy all adult life (never sick) and improve my quality of life!

  3. “Force”….. Really???

    Please share the good it has done for people as I have described for myself.
    Driving a car can be dangerous, but can also bring you on a journey to beautiful places. Fire, water and host of things bring life or destruction or even death. That’s life. Life is about choices, and when they are in alignment with intention, purpose, goal, or love… you are on a good path.

    I hear Kundalini can amplify your emotions.
    I get that and respect that. If you are depressed, MAYBE this might be a good choice to bring about your Kundalini. Or, maybe this is what you may need. To me, it represents loving, healing energy. It is a life force. And maybe what I have been experiencing is a brother or sister of Kundalini because my energy has never, never failed me. It is THE “internal shower” as Wayne Dyer once described that helps me live my life with bountiful gratitude for life that I wish to eventually share with people that may be interested.

    Again, life is about choices. “Light a candle or curse the darkness .”

    • Yes is life about choices but you do make a good choice about anything if you are not well informed. Yes Shakti can be a loving healing energy but if she is met with fear, resistance or force it can have negative affects on your mind, body, and and your energetic body. If someone is very pure then yes the Kundalini will rise quickly and easily but for most people its not that easy. Especially with our bodies being bombarded with food toxins, air pollution, man made EMF, negative people and the sickness of society. The Kundalini has to work against that along with working on our own baggage. So many people are forced to change their lives dramatically because of having a Kundalini Rising. Online you hear about the bliss and the positive parts of Kundalini but in reality its a double edge sword. My Kundalini first awakened in 2004 and presently it has rose to my Third Eye Chakra. I am not going to sugar coat my journey and say it was all positive. For all the times of bliss, I had many more times my body was going through stages of purging and purifying which can be very demanding on your health. I am honored I have been given this gift in this lifetime but I had to sacrifice many parts of my life to get here. I do hope your experience with Kundalini continues to remain positive as it advances.

      Best Wishes

  4. I can generate Kundalini almost at will. I strongly feel is a healing force. I am never sick. To experience kundalini is bliss. As a health coach I hope to eventually teach it to others. I discovered this powerful energy or light force in 1991 during a meditation. It’s been with me ever since. Also I am turning 50 in October and if you saw me swear I may be 30.

    • I would strongly recommend NOT teaching how to awaken Kundalini to anyone else. It needs to awaken in others when its their time. Trying to force the Kundalini to awaken in you can cause all kind of physical, mental and energetic problems. Understand that some people do not have such positive experiences with Kundalini. The Kundalini will purge, purify and heal all aspects of your being until its able to be fully Kundalini awaken you. Its honestly not something most people would volunteer to make happen if they knew how much was involved.

  5. Spot on. It has been a turbulent experience since my awakening, last year, but now I feel closer to God. Things are much better and ‘clearer’. Happy to have read your post. 🙂

  6. Kundalini is the primal glow of pure Awareness. It’s emptiness aspect is clear Light Awareness. It’s form aspect is movement, Awareness in movement, like water and waves. Kundalini is your true nature. Shiva and Shakti are one non-dual Beingness. The entire universe is kundalini in different rates of vibration. It’s Awareness is inseparable from it’s movement. It reveals it’s Awareness quality in the crown chakra, the seat of consciousness. The origin is the center of the heart, pure Being beyond even Awareness… It’s ultimate and formless attribute.

    What has become synonymous with when what is portrayed as simple or simpleminded, is able to dupe and thwart an opposition that perceives itself to be superior and know the answers. The Dual is synonymous with the Tower of Babel Syndrome which shackles mankind – and is how God fools all the religious leaders of this world who doctrinally think they know God — all the would be teachers and philosophers of this world who think they know Truth — all the Atheists and those who criticize and denounce the existence of God — and all the people in this world who think they understand the purpose of life and the world in which we presently dwell. The present perception of dual mind.

    Regardless of the uncountable number of times that Holy Men, Mystics and Prophets attempt to convey to man that his own higher reality is beyond his ability to even imagine, carnal man refuses to believe this Universal Wisdom of those who have themselves entered the Kingdom of God, and witnessed what “eyes cannot see”, and “ears cannot hear”, and what is impossible for the natural mind of man to perceive, comprehend and understand. The Apostle Paul warned that believers of the simple-faith would look upon the Mysteries of God as utter “foolishness”. And explained that only those who have evolved to a state of spiritual maturity and completion are capable of perceiving and comprehending man’s own higher True Soul Reality all that is”. But even these words which were very clearly spoken, the Laws of God harden the hearts of believers so they neither acknowledge their implications, or comprehend with an understanding mind. God does not want the Atheist to believe – the teachers of religion to know the Truth – or the scholars and philosophers of this world to comprehend the true realities of life. Why? Even if mankind could conceive of the Truth and their own Higher Reality – which they can’t – if they were able to understand the Truth, then this knowledge would negate the most important reasons for life itself.

    Except through the natural force of kundalini and its implications. As human consious forms in the natural setting we refer to as the physical the spirit manifest the reflection of perception, never removed from spirit but, investing time in reflection like a pool of water reflecting…..the spirit never comes down it reflects…..we are far more spirit than physical. the body capable of various perceptions and functions directed by spirit the timeless zone undescribible in form of language or emotions moves us to be emotionally connecting us as beings in a perception……its timeless and accessed at different segments that include time and almost real action. The human seems to divide it attention in generous animal form and a more conservative believer movie. The body natural is capable of morphing and changing shapes thru the kundalini experience seems to morph and melt to the perception on a nuclear molecular active action natural sequence of divine mind from the dual mind perception of every thing inspected by right/wrong mentality….this is dual mind…….divine mind……well its divine….love….knowledge..connected to “the all that is”!

  7. The bliss and ecstasy that flows after clearing the crown is incredible. But as it rises up the spine and at the heart one starts to bliss and it moves to the pineal the eyes start to ratchet open as the third eye warms and as the energy clears the crown one seems connected to “all that is”. The visual is all things living with pulsating light energy Aura’s the format is love, bliss and ecstasy and “the knowledge of all that is” permeates ones total being. Breathing moves the energy up the spine and out the top. One physically feels the divine when it flows out the crown and dual mind is left behind for revealing our total hueman experience of light and love….Oh the love.

  8. Thank you for this enlightening explanation. I was doing a lot of energy work at the time of my Kundalini experience…meditation, tai chi, the Tibetan Five Rites…which I believe may have triggered the sleeping serpent.

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