Being the Detached Observer

Imagine being the director of a movie. You are sitting back and watching the actors doing a scene. Now imagine if this movie was your life. The actors are you, your family and friends. If you sat back and reviewed your current life, what would be your story?

Being a Directer or Observer means you look at your life with detachment. Imagine how you would be if you observed the life of a stranger. With your own morals and ideals you judge the world. How would you judge your own life?

For me, I came to the conclusion that I play many roles. I am a daughter, a pet owner, a friend, a lover and many other things. But what is important is at my inner core. My roles are really illusions. Just fragments of myself.

I began peeling away the illusions of my life like a onion. Until I realized I am a simple person in a human body with basic needs. What do humans need? Oxygen, food, water, shelter, warmth, and yes, LOVE! Humans do not live well in complete isolation. Humans like to be stimulated. We need mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual stimulation. Our mind hungers to feed the senses. We need to smell, touch, taste, hear and again feel. I think most people need to feel a connection to a Higher Power or Universal Consciousness. For me, its a need. One of the basic need I have is to be one with the Goddess. You may inject your higher power here.

For me the onion peeled another layer. I am a spiritual being. Just a flicker of light in the vast universe. For reasons I don’t remember, I was put into this human shell to learn about being human. It may be hard to imagine that our life’s story is predetermined so we can learn about certain parts of life. That is just my theory but I have no solid proof.

As I peeled away these layers I realized that many of the daily things I consider important are really not. Yes we need to eat, we need to stay warm, we need shelter, we need to drink water, we need need oxygen and yes, lots of love! Everything else is just extra. I realized I made a big deal out of useless things. Also things that feed my Ego seem funny now.

Yesterday, I saw this beautiful bed comforter on sale. I sat there and debated buying it. I just got a bed comforter six months ago! It looks and feels perfectly fine. But this new comforter is prettier, but I thought, is it really worth it? No!

I realized that I have many material things I don’t really need.

I eat more than I really need. Yeah I am overweight so this is pretty obvious. lol Have you ever wondered why it costs so much for the healthiest food yet junk food is pretty cheap? Doesn’t seem fair does it? I need to save money and eat healthier food. I have dreams about having a shopping spree in Whole Foods!

I drink more coke zeros then I need to. I need to drink more bottled water.

I need to get more fresh air. Its in the middle of winter and I have forgotten the last time I have been on a nature walk. Could it be that being in touch with nature is a need? Don’t you feel better when you have walked in nature? When you have worked in your yard? When you have worked in the dirt? For me its a yes! Aren’t we part of Nature?

Do you see where I am going with all this? When you strip away all the layers of your life and get past the illusions, you find your basic core and needs. You will realize how much fluff you have in your life.

Try being your own Detached Observer. Peel away the layers and see what you discover.

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