From my own experience, I have realized that Kundalini activity can mimic medical problems as it rises through the Chakras. When the Kundalini rose to my heart Chakra, I had chest tightness, pain and pressure. Even though I felt certain it was my Kundalini, I got a EKG. It came back normal. I am glad I did it. It gave me ease of mind. It would have been tragic if I had assumed that my symptoms were Kundalini related and missed a serious diagnosis. So I advise if you have symptoms that are bothering you, get them checked out.

Another thing I noticed as the Kundalini rose through my Chakras is that the previous Chakras would have much less symptoms. I still feel energy surging through all my Chakras. I still sometimes feel pressure but that is all. My most active Chakras are where the Kundalini has stopped and the two Chakras above it.

I would like to hear about your Kundalini Symptoms. How are you doing?