Kundalini and Medical Issues.

From my own experience, I have realized that Kundalini activity can mimic medical problems as it rises through the Chakras. When the Kundalini rose to my heart Chakra, I had chest tightness, pain and pressure. Even though I felt certain it was my Kundalini, I got a EKG. It came back normal. I am glad I did it. It gave me ease of mind. It would have been tragic if I had assumed that my symptoms were Kundalini related and missed a serious diagnosis. So I advise if you have symptoms that are bothering you, get them checked out.

Another thing I noticed as the Kundalini rose through my Chakras is that the previous Chakras would have much less symptoms. I still feel energy surging through all my Chakras. I still sometimes feel pressure but that is all. My most active Chakras are where the Kundalini has stopped and the two Chakras above it.

I would like to hear about your Kundalini Symptoms. How are you doing?

14 thoughts on “Kundalini and Medical Issues.

  1. I am not sure it is kundalini but I had a severe reaction to biodynamic craniosacral “spiritual” work and I have not been the same since. I did not know nor did I intend to have any spiritual work done. It was really just for balancing. I feel completely violated. It has been two years. i have so many difficult physical symptoms and of course no doctor can explain it. I personally do not like it and do not want it. It has dissolved all my sexual energy. it has made me feel sick to my stomach nearly every day and headaches are constant. I also feel my body is unravelling not in a good way, as though all my health and vitality are being drained and pulled away. For some it may be an interesting or good experience but I have learned for many of us it is devastating. Be careful with this stuff.

  2. About a year and half before my awakening, my heart would flutter noticeably 5 or 6 times a day. This lasted for the duration. I knew it was odd and it worried me a bit. No previous history of heart problems, healthy, etc. I had an EKG done, nothing. When I had the initial root chakra unfolded, it energy must have ascended upward into my heart at one point because my heart was so full of love. This lasted for about a week. Since then it descended into my root and that’s where she remains. I have terrible back pain, bloated belly. Trauma from my childhood needs to be cleared. Don’t know where to go for help.

    • It can do this. I am sorry you are having these physical manifestations. When my Kundalini first rose, it tried to shoot upward but got stopped at my Solar Plexus Chakra then returned to my Sacral Chakra. Ideally, I would recommend finding a Transpersonal Therapist who has a solid background in working with people with childhood trauma. It is courageous to face our pain and our own shadow. In doing so, they lose all power over us. Find a good psychologist who you feel good about so that you can begin your path of healing.

      You may find this wonderful book both relatable and inspirational: The Little Book of Hercules: The Physical Aspects of the Spiritual Path by William Bodri. You will find that it describes the trials, battles and triumphs of the Kundalini Awakening Process but it’s cloaked in the journey that Hercules takes. It’s not a cheap book but you can get one used for less on Amazon.


      • Thanks for that recommendation Morgan. I knew especially with this process that I had to face my shadows eventually. I read some of Carl Jungs work and it resonated with me on anima/animus and childhood trauma. For 30 years I was so busy taking care of my 3 kids, husband and mentally ill mom who passed right after my awakening I never addressed any of these issues. I struggled with what kind of therapist because I don’t want to waste my valuable time, so thanks!!

  3. I have only just started researching all about my heart Vortex/Chakra lately after feeling pretty sure my heart isn’t actually caving in just yet aha. I am healthy (I believe I am) and I do exercise often. Just from tonight I have read over like 5 pages of different people talking about this energy shifts. I am an Empath and have only been awear of it about a few weeks ago. For a few months now I have been experiencing chest pains just like you stated. Tightness in the chest and such. I have also been having strange mood swings that has only recently arisen. I get angry/upset easily within those situations and I don’t remember being so sensitive months ago. I have read about this 5D thing but I don even understand what that is and I am naturally a bit hesitant to believe completely about what I read on the net so I like asking people with experience. Also I have only recently been practicing Rekki (Only on my cat) and perhaps it could just be because I am practicing this?
    I have recently put sticky notes all around the house saying “I vibrate on a High Frequency” when I read it I feel weird sensations. I wanna know your opinion about this energy shift that has been cropping up lately? I barely know anything about it anyways.
    sorry I am kind of everywhere with my typing I am pretty hyped up about what I could be going through. but I also doubt a little that this is wishful thinking that I am going through it. I dunno having a lot of different polarities of thought.

  4. I have experienced energy moving through my physical body on and off for a number of years. When it first occurred (15 years ago) I had been doing quite a bit of yoga and attending meditation seminars. Nonetheless, I was certainly unprepared for actually experiencing the chakras myself, and suddenly the reality of what I had been told existed hit home. I was scared. I experienced shaking, and a heightened sense of reality. It is difficult to describe. I contacted various spiritual teachers, no one gave me advice on what I should do however. Telling me I was lucky did not help. Finally, I found a book written by a western therapist. She described what I was experiencing and gave it a western interpretation. Experiencing this energy is a natural way for the psyche and body to evolve and heal. A real opportunity to become more of who you are. It is a natural evolutionary step, one that we in western culture do not talk about. People in all walks of faith experience this energy, worldwide. Her advice was go to the doctor to make sure you are not misinterpreting the symptoms (which I did, I also had an EKG which was normal) and then allow yourself the quiet space to experience the energy. A year after, it quieted, and I made positive changes in my life – went back to school, became a math teacher, adopted a child. Since this first occurrence, the energy has returned at various times, but now I am no longer afraid. It has become a sort of friend, an opportunity to experience another level. I breathe and quiet myself. I listen.

  5. Hi, my name is kati. I had my kundalini awakened by my guru nearly 3 years ago. All has been going smoothly until 2 months ago. Although, everything is fine but I constantly feel as if there’s an earthquake happening. At first I was sure it was an actual earthquake, but after being told that no such thing had happened, I noticed it was coming from the inside. I have become extremely sensitive towards noise. Especially backround noise. I am constantly irritated with my 9 year old daughter. I can’t stand crowd and the list just goes on….
    I would appreciate it if you could guide me further as to whether these symptoms have anything to do with kundalini full ascention .
    Thanks for helping.

    • I have not felt what felt like a earth quake but lately when I meditate deeply, I feel like I am floating and wobbling back and forth. Kinda like floating on waves in a ocean. If its persistent throughout the day and its affecting your quality of life, I would consult a Doctor. Let’s rule out anything medical before we say its spiritual.

      One thing I have noticed is that as my Kundalini Rising has progressed, I am more sensitive to energies and other peoples emotions. Not long ago I was walking in Walmart and two people came down to my aisle and I instantly felt uncomfortable. I left the aisle and all of a sudden I felt great sadness and despair. It was over whelming and I had to fight back the tears. I also began to feel great anxiety. As soon as I left the store, I felt better. Luckily this not a regular thing for me. When my Kundalini is really active, I do feel a need to be alone. Even after 10 years of Experiencing Kundalini, I feel uncomfortable being around people when its really active. But what I have found that helps is to lay down for a hour daily and just let it work through me. Just surrender to the process. The more you resist it, the worse your symptoms are going to be. I have found I have less Kundalini symptoms through out the day when I surrender to it.


  6. Sounds like your interpretation of kundalini is “anything emotional” …..believe me kundalini out the top is not emotion’s …..I believe you are trying too hard to identify and move what can only happen through “grace” naturally and most times spontaneously. Sometimes meditation can move ones spirit to kundalini fulfillment.
    Kundalini will never happen to you…..that’s the truth……until you forget all the thoughts and methods you apply ….only then will kundalini stand a chance in you.

    • Ron!
      Why are you trying to judge me? I experience my Kundalini on a very physical and spiritual level. Its really hard to put into words what I am experiencing usually. I try to describe it the best way I can.

      I guess I am emotional because I have had Kundalini symptoms daily for over two years now. Honestly, my solar plexus and heart chakra rose a lot easier than my Throat Chakra and the Chakras above have been.

      I also wish to help others learn about Kundalini Awakening. This is something I do feel strongly about. I hope the information here will help others experiencing Kundalini.

      I am sorry that you think I am “emotional”?


  7. Hi Morgan,
    Just recently found your blog and wish I had found it sooner! Been going through the Kundalini process since a spontaneous K awakening on 12/29/07…lots of aches, pains and quite an emotional roller coaster it has been. Being attuned to Reiki Tummo has helped me tremendously in this process to open the channels quickly (and avoid serious complications caused by blockages as I had ALOT to work through). There was a lot of trauma to work through and I needed all the help I could get! I’m so grateful 🙂

    I’ve had many health problems come and go, but am currently working through gallbladder failure, cysts in the liver, and fibromyalgia type pain on the right side of the body. I’ve also recently had a horrifying stabbing electrical type pain in my big toes. I really do believe it will pass and that it’s just part of the awakening process.

    Thank you so much for documenting your experience. It’s very comforting to read about this process from someone else currently going through it.

    Much Love & Gratitude,


    • Hello Elle,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog entry. I might have to look into Reiki Tummo. I am experiencing my second blockage between my Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. May I ask where your Kundalini is currently at or have you fully awakened?

      I have heard from others who had fibromyalgia like pain. Pretty much overload to your nervous system.

      Also electrical shocks to your toes has been documented by others. Some of their toenails turn black and fall off. But a good nail replaces it. It may not happen. Just know you are not alone.

      Take care of yourself.

      • I was a little confused at first about what level the Kundalini was at in my system or what fully awakened meant…after my 2nd attunement, the Kundalini “energy” was flowing completely from root to crown. They actually had us feel eachothers Kundalini spraying out of the top of our head and it felt like a warm forceful “prana” type feeling…

        But I think the “core” Kundalini, which I’m assuming is the hot liquid feeling that sometimes rises in my spine (it kinda hurts a little too) has risen to the back of my neck and then stops there. It’s taken about 4 years total to rise from my solar plexus area to my Heart, and now recently to the back of my neck (throat).

        The way Reiki Tummo explains Kundalini is in 3 parts – “the core”, “the fire” and “the energy”…the explanation can be found here at one of their websites if you’re interested: http://www.padmacahaya.com/reiki-tummo/kundalini-overview

        I wonder what the electrical shocks in the toe is from or what it’s related to? It really hurts pretty bad and jolts my whole body when it happens. As for fibromyalgia, I do believe that I have an overload in the nervous system…constant nerves twitching everywhere on my body and random electical jolts in my tongue, hands and feet. It’s an absolute must for me to ground daily, sometimes more than once a day.

        Do you have a forum or group that you recommend for Kundalini advice?

        Thanks Morgan 🙂

        Many Blessings


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