My Crown Chakra Opening Experiences.

My Kundalini first aroused from it’s slumber in the Spring of 2004. It went dormant for a few years and then it reawakened. Since I had a spontaneous awakening, I feel that I had not cultivated enough energy for the Kundalini to have the ability to continue it’s upward movement through my Chakras. Even though I have always been a spiritual person and meditated, I did not have a regular practice. I honestly had a lot of inner work to do. One of pros of this slow progression is that it’s allowed me to better integrate the process.

What I have experienced as the Kundalini has reached my Crown Chakra:

  • Energy moving and lower Chakras to Crown.
  • Intense Head Pressure
  • Splitting Headaches
  • Energy Pumping Sensations
  • Spontaneous Kriyas and Bandha.
  • Waves of heat through my body and hands.
  • Waves of cold moving through my body.
  • Stronger Psychic Abilities. Just knowing.
  • Seeing the “Blue Pearl” **
  • Times of great fatigue.
  • Time of great energy. Less need for sleep.
  • Feeling closer to God/Source.
  • Feeling closer to the flow of nature.

**The Blue Pearl:

Also, my meditation practice has deepened which has allowed me to experience higher states of consciousness. Also, I have learned how to relax and just flow when I get hit with waves of extra energy. I have a tendency to automatically tense up whenever I feel energy shoot up through my Chakras. Especially when I feel intense head pressure. But I have discovered that the pressure lessens and there is more progress when I can actually focus, quiet my mind, and just relax through it.

I am still experiencing the process of energetic and body purification which is followed by a need to ingest more food so I can have a time of increased energetic growth and Kundalini movement. Once the energetic push finishes, I lose my appetite and the cycle of purging and purification begins again. I have had to learn to flow with this process as well. To be kinder to myself because of it’s impact on my daily life. I often need more downtime and rest during times of higher Kundalini activity.


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