We are all one and we are constantly doing yoga. Sadhuguru says the difference if the focus. Are you intentionally trying to do Yoga or not?

From my own experience, there are many ways to gain enlightenment. When my Kundalini rose to my Sacral Chakra, I had never done any yoga. I had a rather intense emotional breakdown after watching a bad argument between my parents. In the same month I had a body modification (Permanent Piercing). These were enough to light the match and awaken my Kundalini. I know from others they just had spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.

I find mental, physical, emotional and spiritual extremes can awaken your Kundalini. Force us to look beyond our normal perceptions. Expand our conscious to see thing in a new light. If we are fortunate, its enough to awaken our Kundalini. With each Chakra that is touched by Kundalini, we become closer to “We are all One”. Not just thinking it, but being it.

In my current journey, I find myself and the Kundalini working in unison. That has not always been the case. Now I am eating healthier and trying to lose some weight. Meditate deeper and more often.