In August, Angel and Jasper left this world. Its still extremely hard For me to talk about what happened. At this point, I will just say that I feel negative forces were at play in their deaths. Not to mention the strange disappearance of my cat, Crawley in October 2013.

Then my parent’s cat, Romeo, was diagnosed with cancer a week after Jasper passed away. My parents decided to put him to sleep.

That is all the cats in my life leaving me in slightly over ten months. Yes, four cats! I mean what are the chances of this happening?

2014 has been heart wrenching for me and my parents. Also my only surviving cat, Taz, has mourned as well. She had a very special bond with Jasper. For two weeks after his death, she barely ate at all. I tried to entice her appetite with numerous kinds of wet and dried cat food. I Finally had to feed her canned tuna for her to eat at all. Slowly over time she began to eat again. She is slowly gaining her weight back.

A silver lining to all of this is that my bond with Taz is much deeper now. Also Taz is realizing that she is enjoying having my full attention now.