Checking in and Experiencing Weirdness

Hi, If you have read about my own personal Kundalini Experiences on this blog, you know I have had a amazing and strange journey. I had a weird experience last Thursday morning when I was meditating. From the bottom to above my visual field, I saw a wave of white bright energy. It hit me like I had been injected with drugs. A feeling of bliss and ecstacy hit me and I got really sleepy. Before I fell asleep immediately, I felt different. My energy felt different. I literally passed out asleep. It usually takes me a couple hours to settle in and sleep. I dreamed a lot and in those dreams I could hear another voice in my head talking to me but I have no memory of what they said to me.

Since then it seems my Kundalini symptoms are constantly morphing. I have been grounding a lot and giving energy back to Mother Earth but more energy seems to come.

Currently, my Kundalini is working on a blockage right before my 3rd eye Chakra. Even with that I am getting a lot of pressure and pain in 3rd Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Sometimes I can feel the energy literally moving around in my head.

On Sunday Morning my Boyfriend commented that my left eye was completely blood shot and it was. My whole eyeball was red and it began to itch. My brow above it ached and I started to feel sick and nauseated. I took two benedryl and it had a effect on me that its never had before. I got very agitated and about angry for no reason. My boyfriend tried to embrace me before heading to work and I pushed him away aggressively twice. I am in love with that man and would never try to hurt him. When I finally woke up, I felt terrible about how I treated him. I immediately called him and apologized. He also knew something was not right.

For rest of the day I felt terrible. My legs felt weak and rubbery. My head felt heavy and I kept resting it against a chair. I would have moments of feeling hot and cold. Then Monday night I got very cold. I decided that some fast food would ground me more so I went to McHell. I turned the heat on high in the car and it felt great. I couldn’t stand the burger so I ate the fries and a shake. As soon as I home again, I was really cold and got under the covers. I had to cover every part of me to stay warm and I got sleepy way too early. But I was restless and could not sleep. Then I felt a movement at my 3rd chakra and a cracking sound and then a sharp pain there. It lasted for thirty minutes then I felt pressure on the bridge of my nose. I could feel cartilage moving and it made a cracking sound several times. It felt like my nose had been hit. Then it went back to normal and the pain faded. It honestly freaked me out.

On a side note, My friend and spiritual mentor James saw the same wave of energy last Thursday night. Since then, Seven of his spiritual friends have contacted him. They all describe a wave of white energy but some saw rainbows in it. One described it as a wall of energy. All of them have reported strange things happening to them. All the people who experienced something have had a energy healing or was taught energy work by James. I am writing to see if anyone else has experienced anything? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?

I was able to eat a large steak tonight and its helped ground me. I have not meditated since last Friday.

One thought on “Checking in and Experiencing Weirdness

  1. I just did a guided third eye chakra meditation session for the first time and I am experiencing a mild headache but I find it rather pleasant because of the calming effects it had on me. I feel a lot more kind and gentle overall. Not sure it will become seriously unpleasant in the future but I have the same feeling of ecstasy.

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