The Importance of Psychic Shielding.

As Kundalini works through our blockages, its possible to become more sensitive to the subtle energy around us. This can include obtaining psychic awareness among many other abilities. This also means that we can be more sensitive to negative energy.

Negative energy can affect our Mind, Body and Soul. Anger and Hate can literally wear us down. The simplest thing you can do is avoid situations where there is negativity but unfortunately sometimes that cannot happen.

If you have a higher power, pray for protection. This can be helpful.

If you want to embrace your power, you can psychically shield yourself. Its actually very simple to do and it gets easier with practice.

The Mirror Shield:

This shield reflects all the negative energy back to the giver.

Take some deep breaths, relax and focus.

Visualize a large Bubble that completely surrounds you. It even goes a foot under your feet. This bubble looks like a mirror from the outside of it but you can see out of it. Any negative thoughts or intentions will bounce off the Mirror Shield and go back to the giver of these thoughts and emotions. If you want, you can block all energies from going through the Mirror Shield. Its all up to you.

When you want to unshield, just visualize the Mirror Shield Disappearing.

I try to do this every morning when I get up.

I hope this post helps you shield from negativity.

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