The Possible Dangers of Raising Kundalini.


The purpose of raising Kundalini is to become one with the Cosmic Consciousness in Universal Bliss or your God/Goddess.

The dangers arise when people try to raise Kundalini because of the pleasurable sensations or high that can sometimes come with it. When you experience a Kundalini Awakening, you will notice that you have high and low energy times. This commonly happens as the Kundalini works through blockages as it moves up the Chakras. When you keep pushing the Kundalini to rise, more symptoms can arise. Some symptoms may not be pleasurable or cause sickness. If you get sick or feel pain, stop your Kundalini raising techniques. Allow the energy to lessen in strength and let it flow naturally.

I had made meditation part of my daily routine but currently I am unable to do so. Every time I do, I will get a bad headache the next day. This means my Kundalini is very active and I do not need to meditate now. Meditation actually helps to raise your consciousness.

Another danger is when people raise their Kundalini because they want to experience Siddhis ( or have special psychic abilities. I recently went to a website that was suppose to be a network for people experiencing Kundalini Awakening. One of its links show a man in a video that is using his spiritual energy to push a man forward and then back. I personally feels this takes away from the real purpose of raising Kundalini. Yes, being able to read minds or possibly levitate is great but that is nothing in comparison to becoming one with the Universal Source!

Keep your eye on the bigger prize!


6 thoughts on “The Possible Dangers of Raising Kundalini.

  1. I recommend the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra for some additional methods. Anything can lead to awakening, you just have to find what does it for you.

  2. My heart chakra was opened by one person and my kundalini was activated a year later by the meeting of someone very, very dear to my heart. Both of these men already had their kundalini awakened and are prominent/gifted musicians in their genres. Since this activation and being connected to the 2nd man via many cords and by being an empath, we share the energy thousands of miles apart. This only started to happen once I acknowledged the connection for what it is. It took me four years to acknowledge and he called me stubborn. What can I say?

    I really believe because of Divine timing, or Kairos/Kismet, whatever one chooses to call it, everyone is awakened at the right time. Because of free will, it is our choice what to do with that. It is not up to us to judge whether or not one is ready or not. I thought I was not ready, but that was simply past templating and barriers (ego) preventing me from experiencing the bliss that is all of our birthrights.

  3. i have a doubt on southindian guru nithyananda who had a sx scandal with a kannada actress.
    Is an enlightened master do go for sex and if so why and what is the need for 20 sec’s of orgasam,rather he has paramanandam with him.

  4. Kundalini is also awakened by Shaktipat or power induction externally from a Guru whose kundalini is already awakened. This power transmission is by touching or even from distant places. In India many Gurus are doing this individually or collectively in big groups. I cant say what can we call this way …forceful method irrespective whether the recipient is ready for this transformation or not.

  5. Thought……my spontaneous kundalini was brought on by thought. I was dwelling on if in the spirit are we gendered. The answer came back no. Only in the physical do we reflect gender. And a burning started in my gonad region and moved up to the solar plexus, as it rose I bent over holding my stomach and the pain took me and straighted out my body as kundalini became active and raced up my spine into the heart and as it rose with speed to the pineal my eyes started to high speed ratchet wide open till I was blissing and the third was opening……clearing the crown the connectedness spawned bliss ectasy and my body felt liquid. As I scanned the the world with the third eye open all turned to Aura and the landscape was glowing and moving and the knowledge permeates my being.

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