Making time for your Kundalini Helps.

One of the Challenges of having active Kundalini, is living with the symptoms of it. Some Kundalini Awakened people have more problems than others. Some can be about debilitating.

I have found the worse symptoms come from people who resist the Awakening process. This mostly happens when they are frightened and don’t understand what is happening to them. That resistance makes it more difficult for the Kundalini to do its work. This is why I created this blog to help people who need to learn about Kundalini Awakening. There is a energy shift is happening. More and more people are experiencing Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening without any spiritual preparation.

What has worked for me.

Every night, I allow my Kundalini to have time to do whatever it needs to do. I lie down with my back straight and just relax. If you meditate, this is a great time to do it. Try to do it for a hour. Sometimes I go for longer. Trust your instinct.

Expect your Kundalini’s energies to increase while you do this. Many feel extra Kundalini activity when they relax or try to go to sleep at night.

I found when I gave my Kundalini time to work each day, the rest of my day had less symptoms.

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