Common Ways to Raise Kundalini


This is a list of the most common ways to raise Kundalini. If your Kundalini rose from something else, let me know. I will add it to this list.

Yoga: About all forms of Yoga try to raise the Kundalini.

Mantra: The chanting of Mantras can raise your Consciousness. The Throat Chakra can be stimulated by Mantra.

Asanas: Kundalini yoga consists of a series of Asanas that are similar to familiar Hatha yoga poses, but they are done in succession and involve extra steps like arm and leg waving. This adds an element of unbridled physicality similar to dance, and helps the body raise heat.

Tantra: This is a sexually oriented yoga practice. Kundalini (Female Divine Force) and Shiva (Male Divine Force) are energetically combined through Tantric techniques.

Meditation: People think meditation is good for relaxation. It can also can raise your Consciousness.

Breath Work: Breath work is also often used with Meditation and can help raise Kundalini. The breathing techniques given to help women in childbirth can also help rise Kundalini.

Childbirth: Giving birth to a child can be emotional, traumatic, painful and beautiful. All these intense emotions and thoughts could help raise Kundalini.

Mental/Emotional Trauma: Trauma can open up your consciousness. Extreme Happiness or Sadness. Intense emotional pain can raise consciousness.

Physically Painful Spiritual Practices: Ritualistic Body Modification goes back to ancient times. Its been used to raise and alter consciousness.

Extreme Physical Stress: Extreme Bodily stress can raise consciousness.

Tailbone Injury: Tail bone injuries have been known to raise Kundalini. The tailbone is right at the root chakra. This is where Kundalini normally sleeps. The blow awakens it.

Devotional Prayer: Chanting or silent devotion to the deity of your choice can raise Kundalini by forcing your attention inward and and honing your concentration.

Free Form Dancing:
Unstructured dance allows your body to create heat while your mind is free to wander. Can flow into meditation.

Walking and Rowing: Any repetitive movements that allows for your mind to wander and possibly meditate can help raise your Kundalini.

Pilates: Pilates exercises are core-based and tend to produce “belly heat” that adherents believe can help free Kundalini energy. Many of the moves like single-leg stretch and the “hundred” involve arm and leg waving similar to Kundalini asanas, and can help raise the energy in similar ways.

Music: Listening to music and relaxing can put you into a meditative State. Which can help raise your energy.

Recreation Drug Use: This is a very bad way to raise consciouness! People have had mental break downs because their energy systems were not ready. Some have experienced episodes of ego death. DO NOT USE DRUGS to raise Kundalini!!

20 thoughts on “Common Ways to Raise Kundalini

  1. It seems that here in the west [US], there is what I would refer to as kundalini elitism. By that I mean a reluctance to acknowledge kundalini experiences as authentic or valid – referring to “forced third eye awakenings” – and such. Taking a view that only True kundalini awakening can occur through years of hard training or the grace of the gurus touch through Shakti pot. This Is a prevalent view amongst many American Kundalini yoga practitioners. I believe it is a reaction from their own egos against those who have had awakenings without The type of training that they believe should be A prerequisite for kundalini awakening. It is a general belief among them that a true kundalini experience is still a rarity. I beg to differ and I believe that their opinions are damaging to those who have undergone actual experiences And or kundalini awakenings. If they were truly enlightened or awakened they would have no problem accepting these as potential kundalini awakenings. I am reminded of the certainties often espoused by religious zealots in their own causes and beliefs.

  2. I wish all the psychologists and psychiatrists in this universe read this blog and and more such out there on net or anywhere and everywhere with that lot yet to get out-of their denial on it and maybe those who are open and sensible to learn more do go a step ahead with an open mind to learn more. I have many derivations about its reasoning and more.
    The highest of the American psychiatrist journal or whatever it is can come to me and I would show them how Shiva Shakti is the epitome in this universe eying their existing knowledge and research and findings as it’s the ESOTERIC the unknown and the Supreme truth. 4th dimension and the 5th dimension and the multidimensional beyond dimensions of any brain or cosmos too.

  3. Nice to know that several people are having spontaneous spiritual awakening. I can also empathise with their helplessness and suffering. But IMHO, the latter arises only when one tries to fight the Shakti, I feel. The Divine Mother is all-compassionate. So, the person who has received Her causeless blessings needn’t worry. He / she only needs to surrender to the process, as you had rightly said, earlier. The Mother will ‘take’ them through smoothly. My suggestions towards this end – Reading the beautiful descriptions of the Mother from authentic Hindu texts ( Lalithaa Sahasranamam, Soundarya Lahari), listening to Chanting of Lalithaa Sahasranamam ( a text containing very powerful mantras), chanting of authentic ( very important) mantras, meditating on the beautiful form of the Mother, or even as the blissful, formless Divine Consciousness / Cosmic Power. A great book to read at this time – ‘Serpent Power’ by Sir John Woodroffe / Arthur Avalon ( a brilliant author and a great devotee). Ultimately it’s about the the melting of the heart through devotion and offering oneself totally at her lotus-feet, I feel. Then, she will lead the devotee safely and beautifully through the process, to his / her intended destiny. My best wishes to all those out there, who are experiencing spontaneous awakenings. The Mother has indeed blessed them in this life. She will definitely do the needful. Please offer yourselves completely to Her, and allow her to lead you to your intended blissful destination. She will never let you down, though it may appear to be so, from time to time. Best Regards.

  4. Your situation is perfectly understandable. Not at all harsh or anything. There are unscrupulous ‘Guru’s’ here, in India, as well. It’s a sad situation, but that’s just the way it is. Moreover, K has become somewhat ‘fashionable’, these days, I feel. I could be wrong, as well. Anyhow, sincere aspirants have nothing to worry, I feel. They just to keep up with their spiritual practise. The ‘Force’ is always with them ! Lol. Happy to hear that you’re doing a great service to people who are struggling to handle their K’s. My only sincere request is this – please advise people not to venture into this area. Curiosity could have dangerous results, here. Have seen it myself. Instead, let them focus on increasing their ‘purity of mind’ through devotion, meditation, etc. K is something that will naturally happen, through the Grace of Shakti. These are the words of our saints. Moreover, The fruit that is ripe will naturally fall from the tree, by itself, and will also taste the sweetest ! Best Regards.

    • Thank You. If you can recommend any good Gurus or resources, it would be greatly appreciated. Many of the people in the US, including myself have had spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings with little preparation. So I guess you can say that Shakti decided we were ready. lol But I have always wondered why Shakti would awaken people in area of the world where they would have very limited access to guidance?

      I agree that people should not try to awaken their Kundalini and that should happen naturally.

    • Also I just wanted to add that I have hit a point in my Kundalini Awakening where I cannot find any information online about it. What is described is so vague. My Kundalini has moved beyond my Third Eye Chakra and somewhere before my Crown Chakra now. My Bindu Chakra has become active and I am having skull changes. At least the resources online gave me some guide posts before but now I do not know what to expect. All I can do is have complete faith in Shakti to guide me. I wish I had finances to go to India and learn from a Guru. Also all of my family is here and I feel a responsibility to them.

      • Hmmm. In my case, I’ve been ‘getting back into the world’ slowly, over the last 2 years. Till then, it was quite a roller coaster ride, that peaked at around 2012 to 2013. Don’t remember the specifics entirely, but there was a lot of buzzing everywhere and everytime ! Lol. Anyhow, Things seem to be stabilising now, but what has stayed constantly with me, throughout, is a deep feeling that ‘I’m not in control, and that it’s all happening spontaneously because of that Shakti or Cosmic Power…’. I’m not at all trying to sound pompous or arrogant when I’m saying this. But, unlike before, this feeling has become very very deep and it deeply echoes in me. Can’t explain how, logically or rationally. But that’s just it. The mind is so used to rationalising, and gets totally befuddled during K. So, I would suggest to you to just try and relax and ‘go with the flow’, simply because it’s not ‘you’ who’s ‘doing’ all this. The truth is that – It’s that Divine Power who’s doing all this. So, all you need to do is to sit back and yield yourself totally to the experience. Moreover, ‘She / It’ is going to keep at it, anyway and you’re not going to understand why or what. It’s totally logic defying. Yes, So, my suggestion is to try and ‘simply remain aware’ at all times, and to go with the flow. You’re in good hands. Everything will turn out well, provided you don’t try to fight it, mentally. I don’t think that there’s any real need to come to India, unless you really need the solitude, but the buzzing will follow you everywhere. Lol. So, it might best to remain where you are. Moreover, if a change of place were needed, the Divine Mother would have arranged for it. So, I think you’re just where you to be. Don’t worry. Best Regards. πŸ˜‡πŸ‘

      • Also, please try not to worry about your family and your responsibility towards them. The Divine Mother will take care of them, too. So, please try not to worry. πŸ˜‡

  5. Finally Guru is the Buddha Nature, God, the Divine Mother (however you want to call it), and physical persons, books, websites that may help you along the path are a manifestation of it ( its not the other way as some traditionalists/lineage-keepers would love us to think). If you can’t find a Guru, awake your ajna chakra and practice discernment, which has always been more powerful and effective than obedience anyways.

    • Actually I have come to a place where I realize its best not to try to raise the Kundalini at all. Yes meditation and yoga is healthy but we should not try to force the hand of your Kundalini. Considering Shakti has been in being from the start of creation, she obviously knows what is better for me and when I was truly ready. Trying to make one of the most powerful forces in the universe do something is not wise. The best thing you can do is surrender to her with your being and open your heart to to her. Trust her to guide you.

      • I agree. The Divine Mother ( Shakti) will guide the aspirant to the Guru, too. Though opportunistic and unscrupulous Gurus exist, admittedly, the broad requirement of a Guru in the awakening process cannot be ruled out. In all humility, It’s ( Guru’s Grace) something that has to be experienced and can’t be easily articulated – an external power that enables the ( aspirant’s) inner transformative process to occur in a stable and productive manner. Helps to preserve the sanity, as well ! Very very difficult to handle by oneself, unless the aspirant is of a very high degree of ‘ripeness’. Not sure if books and websites can serve as anything other than guide posts, and not as a ‘guide. The quality of a lineage, too has a direct impact – the blessings of the Gurus in the lineage shower upon the disciple, thereby giving him a huge headstart and protection from pitfalls. Discernment is to be exercised at all times, but at some point, complete surrender is needed to be done, I feel. No offence intended. Just felt like sharing my frank views. Best Regards.

        • Sadly, in the United States there are hardly any Gurus that are experienced enough to guide an yogi through a Kundalini Awakening. I agree its very hard to handle alone but sadly this is happening way too often in the West. There is a noted rise in people experiencing Kundalini but there are no Gurus available to guide them. Many of the well known ones seem to be very money driven. I am sorry if I came across harsh but I get so many emails from people asking for help because they have no support system and they are having a tough time. I try to give support but I am no Guru. I made this blog to share my journey and if it helps even one person to find solace, then its been worth it. Like many people, I am just doing the best I can with the situation I am in. Is it ideal? No, but I do not have any Gurus where I live.

  6. I have always been an atheist but have found myself drawn to Buddhism and have been meditating for the past several years. I did not know anything about yoga and considered chakras nothing more than a curiosity. However, my Kundalini arose through a combination of meditation and ASMR. It first appeared several months ago while I was listening to binaural recordings. I was just enjoying the “tingles” when the experience took on a sexual tone and I began having wave after wave of spontaneous orgasms. I won’t lie. It was wonderful and I just enjoyed it assuming that it was an anomaly that I’d never experience again. I remember thanking what/who ever made it happen. After that I realized that I was type A and could trigger my ASMR through mindfulness. In fact it was a shortcut to mindfulness. I started incorporating this into my meditation practice. Fast forward about a month and a half and one night I went into a mild and pleasant trance. After the audio of an ASMR video finished I realized that I could use the mild hiss from my headphones to generate some wild sensations. I played around for a little while and my “third eye” started pulsating. As a rationalist I was fascinated. I remember thinking “so that’s what a Chakra is, cool” Before long I was transfixed and was flooded with insights. I could tell that I was experiencing something that has been described by people throughout history. Suddenly quantum physics and non-duality became as clear as can be. The next night I tried again and it rose to my crown chakra. I felt as though I was giving birth to something from the top of my head. There seemed to be tones in my mind that I could gently and slowly raise until it was WAY beyond my natural hearing frequency. Again I took a walk and was flooded with the sensation of oneness. For the next day or two I had a strange clarity in my thoughts. Again, this was all blissful and peaceful. As time went by I felt like I could identify my ego and things became a bit twilight zoneish. It was as though all of my personal delusions were exposed. It became a little overwhelming and confusing. It was downright terrifying at times. Since then I’ve started to make sense of some of it. There has been an aspect of ego-death throughout but it is not always terrifying. Sometimes it’s liberating. I do worry however that my endocrine system took quite a shock. It has been quite an experience and I would love to go into more detail sometime.

  7. Need of guru in kundalini awakening seems essential. However, even in India where to get a true guru. It is indeed a difficult task. Many of the experiences shared reveal that kuldalini awakening is possible through the tested modes. It may happen spontaneously as well, in few cases. To place focus and attention on certain part of our body help resonate it in natural its frequency thereby leading to experiences of heightened state of energy. Issue is how to sustain such experiences and use this energy for self purification, lasting peace and bliss. Vipassana may prove beneficial for train this energy to help awakening and enlightenment.

  8. Near death experiences may also arouse the Kundalini. Intense therapy also has a similar effect. All that happens is that you strip away all the external or internal layers and surrender to an expansive sense of light and bliss and union, which feels like being buoyed by repeated waves of love. The problem is that people may place trust in false gurus, which may leave you falsely attached and dependent on an external bond or source to generate a sense of the divine within. Ultimately, you should recognise that the division between yourself and the external world may become porous once you reach the state of being a detached observor with no ties to the past or future, and completely emerged in the present moment. What may be perceived as ego loss by some, is actually the acute focus that many artists, musicians and writers use to create their work. Eidetic images, feelings or sounds rise spontaneously and you feel like a channel between two worlds as if being touched by the divine. Spirituality cannot be forced or manufactured and tends to arise after intense pain or focus or feeling swamped or held and contained by a power beyond comprehension. Maybe intense or ecstatic joy is nature’s way of compensating for intense agony; one window shatters to expose a sublime portal. Behind the darkness lies the light, and life and death become intrinsically mixed as the ego shatters to allow entry into the spiritual self.

  9. Frankly, I would not advise anyone to undertake any awakening practices without the guidance of an expert (a.k.a Guru). Without adequate purity in body and mind, an awakening could have completely devastating effects. I have observed this phenomenon in people around me. Guru’s guidance and protection is invaluable and indispensable in this matter. No offense meant to anyone. Of course, there are exceptional cases, as always.

    • Thank You for posting this. Unfortunately there are not many Gurus in the United States. Which I have found to be very frustrating. I had a spontaneous Kundalini Rising nine years ago without any support except for what I found on the internet. In my case, I was noting practices to raise Kundalini. I made this site to give information and support for people who who are experiencing Kundalini Rising or Awakening. Also a source for information for anyone curious about what Kundalini is. A lot of what I have written has been my own personal experience with Kundalini.

      Morgan Hayes

      • Thank you for replying. Frankly, I think you are really blessed. At least, here in India, we would consider you so. When God (known by several other names) takes you under his wing, one has nothing more to fear. πŸ™‚

        However, my post was concerning people who try to ‘initiate’ the awakening on their own, without seeking a Guru. For, The Guru enables the disciple to prepare himself for spiritual enlightenment and the Guru’s very presence (visbly and invisibly) smoothens the whole process and takes the disciple along the right track, in spiritual life. This has been my experience, so far, vis a vis others who didnt have a Guru. So, I would not advise anyone to try any activity for Kundalini awakening. Moreover, I consider the awakening only as a milestone and nothing more. πŸ™‚

        Reg. the availability of the Guru, here, in India, most of us believe that, when the disciple is ripe enough for spiritual life, the Guru automatically appears in the latter’s life. So, if one’s desire for a spiritual life is earnest and intense, things will work out fine, eventually. πŸ™‚

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