Hello to my loyal readers,

I have wanted to post things here but sometimes I honestly feel so humbly ignorant about what I am experiencing I end up not sharing my recent Kundalini experiences. They have been intense and profound. Its been hard to put them in words without rambling on. In July 2016 my Kundalini rose to my Third Eye Chakra and now its working on rising pass my Crown Chakra.

I have always found it frustrating that there was lots of basic information about the Chakras and what you may experience as your Kundalini rises but finding actual descriptions of personal experiences that involve the Third Eye Chakra or Crown Chakra and beyond seem rare. Also what about the Bindu Chakra? Honestly I think people become afraid that they will seem ego inflated or in need of a first class ticket to the Mental Asylum. Because many days I feel like I have one foot in this world and another in the spiritual realms. Finding balance in my life has become increasingly difficult. Staying grounded has become a greater challenge and I have to ground myself several times a day now.

Also I have to fight back my fears because with the lack of any good informative resources about advanced Kundalini Awakenings in English, I really do not know what to expect to happen to me once my Kundalini is able to pass my Crown Chakra. I know in my heart that its going to happen and I feel it could happen soon. I am just trying to get through the Holidays but Shakti and Shiva do not work around my schedule. Its just not something you can pencil into your daily planner. That unknown bothers me.

I am a single woman with no children. I have to work a full time job, pay bills, rent and I still need to live my life in the United States. My parents are getting older and they will need to be cared for. I do not have the luxury of being able to sit in meditation all day in deep bliss and turn away from this world.

A dear friend of mine who is experiencing Kundalini himself told me some good advice. He said, Yeah you may completely be dumbfounded on how to describe your recent Kundaini experiences, but I bet you are not alone. He said just sharing what I can could help someone who is going through the same things. Sometimes its just reaffirming to read when someone feels just as lost and confused about their Kundalini as you are.

Because I am honestly very grateful and humble for being able to walk this path. I look at myself and I still wonder how I even got this far. I am far from what most people would ever envision an Yogi being or looking like. If you look back at my life, I have done some really stupid things and have had many failures. Yet here I am. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I have gotten right in this life was learning to surrender and flow with Shakti. I guess if anything, if I can get this far with my Kundaini Rising without any formal training, then maybe it will give you a boost of confidence and hope that you can do this too. There are so many paths and styles of Yoga out there. But mine has been learning to listen and Surrender to the Kunadlini. To flow with her instead of resisting her. To love her instead of fearing her. Trust me, its always a work in progress and she enjoys upping the ante on me.

But I can look back now and see that she was directing my life toward this. Like a puzzle coming together but she is more liker a Master Chess Player. As the puzzle pieces start coming together, its easier to put the rest of the pieces together and you start to finally see the picture coming together..

So I am going to make it my personal mission to start sharing my Kundalini experiences more. Even if that means I may be judged and scrutinized for some of the “out there” things I may share.