Being at the Right place at the Right time.

In the past important moments have synced up and I was too late to realize what was really going on. When I did finally realize what was happening, it was too late. It seems to happen way too often. Doesn’t it?

Tuesday Morning, my cat Jasper was outside in the yard. I went out to get him when I saw a Sheriff’s Animal Control truck going down the street. I tried to get my cat when I see him frightened by something two houses down. Two dogs, golden brown started to walk up to me. The two dogs looked like brothers and walked closely side by side. They were very friendly. They came up and Animal control stopped on the street. He asked if they were my dogs. I said yes! My heart told me it was the right thing to do. They went up to the dog catcher and he rubbed their heads. I tried to get the dogs to come into my house but my Maine Coon cat, Taz, stood up to them and hissed and bowed her back. The poor dogs were frightened of her and ran away. They ran off to the street next to me. The Dog catcher didn’t see them go there.

I just wanted to give them a chance to find their way home. Animal shelters keep animals for two weeks then they put them down. If the animal tries to bite or attack anyone at the shelter, they maybe put down immediately. I know this because my father worked with a man whose job was to kill animals at the Durham Animal Shelter. He finally had to quit because of the guilt he felt for killing so many animals.

One of my cats disappeared a few years back. I went to the shelter to see if he was there. I went into the main area of the cat shelter. and there were over a hundred cats in small cages. The room was completely silent. As I looked through the small cages, I saw so many terrified cats. It broke my heart. My cat was not there. I went to my car and cried.

So if I find lost animals, I try to find their owners or give them a chance to find their home. I believe its good to give them a chance.

Yes I understand that loose animals can be dangerous but these dogs were frightened of a fluffy cat. I did this with my judgement.

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