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I first want to say, “Hello!”. Nine years ago was when my Kundalini Awakening journey began. It was a wonderful and terrifying experience for me. When it happened, I had no idea what had happened to me. I honestly felt like I had lost my mind because it felt like a Divine Intelligence had taken over my body. I went on Google and typed in my symptoms in the hopes of finding answers. The results came back as Demonic Possession or Kundalini Awakening. This frightened me but I never felt any evil from this experience so I looked into Kundalini Awakening. The more I read online, the more I realized I was having a Kundalini Awakening. This actually calmed me some and I allowed myself to enjoy the sensations I was having.

I made this blog for people who are looking for answers about Kundalini Awakening. I want to create the blog I wish I had seen nine years ago. I think it helps to talk to someone who is going through a Kundalini Awakening too. Having a Kundalini Awakening can be isolating because you are afraid to tell anyone about your experiences. You are afraid that people will think you are crazy or that you are some strange new age loon.

You are NOT Crazy! You are evolving spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. The Divine is working through you!

Morgan Hayes

14 thoughts on “Welcome! More about this Blog.

  1. Hi Morgan, this is way out of the norm for me, I never even heard of Kundalini Awakening before tonight….after I suddenly and unexpectedly felt an incredible feeling of peace with everything in my life, good and bad, at that moment…had experienced high anxiety, fatigue, night sweats with chills, heart palpations while dealing with common day issues of life….and many more symptoms of me basically freaking out not knowing if if I was just a mental case or different from everyone else…TERRIFYING beyond words ! I have gad these symptoms on and off again for around 7 yrs now, and never felt like I could express it to my family or friends an all these symptoms I have had just became incredibly worse (for lack of better words)! Back and neck pain, fatigue to the max, weeks before felt sick and completely exhausted all the while that was not enough, I did the best I could to not show just how sick and tired I really was. Until tonight…..something changed, and it felt so good to me that I just had to research what this out of the blue calm, peaceful was….not an edgucated yoga or meditation person but I have always found myself putting myself to sleep with deal thinking techniques that would allow me to reach a place where I could just let go (not an easy process, but someone once told that what I had discovered was my “third eye”;or my “inner self”…anyway thank you for your blog, thanks for sharing, I will keep seeking what seems to be missing or changing in myself…

    • Hello Amy,
      I apologize for the delay in my response. My computer finally crashed and I had to buy a new one. I am thrilled you are finally finding your center and a place of calm. For many years I wrestled with an over active mind at bedtime. Sometimes it would take hours to finally get to sleep. What I finally found that worked was reading for Thirty minutes before bed to kinda redirect my brain, I often read books about Kundalini or spiritual matters then I would meditate. Focus on relaxing my mind and body. With time, I could stop reading and just meditate and give time for the Kundalini then sleep. I now sleep like a rock! After so many years of tossing and turning, it felt like a miracle had happened! Also energetic blocks can cause that sick feeling too but once the issue is handled, its all disappears! See yourself as a “work in progress.” We are all working on bettering ourselves and with that letting go of toxic ways of thinking and living. First and foremost, you must take care of yourself first, before you can care for others. If there is anyway I can help, let me know.


  2. Hey Morgan,
    You have a fantabulous site here and your articles are delicious for the mind. I was searching articles w.r.t kundalini awakening and when I saw this blog, I said to myself…..aha my search ends here….I need not surf anymore……all that I want to know is available here……Good work…..I shall bookmark this site.

  3. Hi,some really insightful information on this site.Im coming on 4 years since my K activated..It was a horrific ordeal to be honest for most of the time..I’m still stuck in a place with heavy fatigue I’m my legs and body most days..I can’t seem to get free of that,my eating habits are better but have also struggled with my diet..I have spent an absolute fortune on different teachers to help me,but I always end up with the same results,alone and confused by it all..any suggestions?

  4. My past year has been one of psychic mysticism and a deep connection with the divine. I am exhausted.
    I recently stopped drinking. I was worried about my past year of alcohol consumption but as I meet other people I realize I am the only one that slept at all through this first part of the journey.
    My Chakra’s started opening from lowest up. Last week my heart Chakra opened. Since then I have quit drinking and I have realized that caffeine doesn’t seem to be a good fit anymore either.
    What is hardest is the pure exhaustion. I am sleeping 9-12 hours a night. Regular exercise routine is non-existant.
    Started meditating and I am really focusing on being in the present. The visions, sounds and metaphysical holograms have subsided to a minimum now.
    Even pot is something my body is starting to reject.
    My body seems to be happiest on a no sugar paleo diet.
    All is better now because I have accepted my journey and no longer am I afraid.

  5. I am writing this blog to get some guidance from any scholars or from spiritual teacher so that i can complete my TAPASYA.
    My car got damaged in jan 2009 in front of gurudwara of rahon, near phillaur , LUDHIANA, PUNJAB, INDIA,at night. I was alone. I felt some strange power inside, spent whole night in car, at 4.oo of morningclock i went inside gurudwara.after some time i was not in condition to sit in gurudwara because of strange power I left gurudwara and car there and moved towards phillaur, (near ludhiana) when reached at village mahlan , ( near phillaur , ludhiana,punjab) i streched my body on a bench in a field . Someone came near me and told me to get up i said don’t disturb me if you will touch me u will get electric shock, twice he touched me and got shock . Many people gathered around me when someone tried to touch me with stick a king cobra came from bushes and sat on my chest. Village people enquired about me. I told them phon
    Of my co. I was engineer in that co. AernR festival city ludhiana they verified and told tthem about cobra incedent. that time i uttered if anybody will take my picture in camera, my face will not appear and the same thing happened ( my face didn’t appeared in picture. This came to my knowledge later.) On 28/7/2012 my body kept on burning for my hours at sector 32, police station, ludhiana, punjab, india, in presence of policemen. Not even a single hair was burned in fire. Three govts. Including indian govt keep an eye on me 24 hrs. Can anybody xplain it. My Phone is: 00917355236811 and my name is Ravinder bawa. There are so many other things which i can’t explain here. Need guidance. I have stopped death of my family, relatives and of few politicians who tried to play games with me ( congress and akali dal party). I
    want to complete my tapasya for that i need guidance. Any body can verify from above mentioned places about these incedents. Or even from peoples of Ansal bachitar enclave, bhamia road, chandigarh road, ludhiana punjab. . I was engineer in that colony and
    Some people of that colony was present in police station when my body was burning. LK advani ( BJP Leader) visited ludhiana in 2009 and tried to contact me through my friend but i refused to meet him. In 2013 Congress party offered me very very heavy amount but i didn’t accepted. I need guidance so that after completing my tapasya i can serve this earth

  6. Hi Gwen, I’m not sure if you’re still making posts here, but I have a feeling what you’ve already written will benefit me and many others. Definitely looking forward to exploring more of your blog soon! I’m also a cat lover living in the southeast 🙂

  7. Nice to know that your kundalini is awakened and as i myself is seeking someone who can enlighten me on this topic. But rarely people speaks positive about kundalini. So, I still want to know more from your end. Their is someone whose experience inspired me too along with yours. I like to share the link of the video which I found on youtube. https://goo.gl/RGcbnG

  8. This blog has been such great help to me. There needs to be more resources out there, for what can seem like a terrifying process.

    • Thank You. I am glad that my blog has helped you. I am trying to create something for anyone going through Kundalini Rising or Awakening. Mine was spontaneous and I had no clue what was happening to me. I would like to try to keep others from experiencing the fear I had. . .


    • Welcome! The greatest advice I can give you is to let the Kundalini do what it needs to. The more you let go and surrender to the Kundalini, the less “Terrible” it will be. I learned this and its helped me greatly. Also other cases of Kundalini Risings have discovered this and their negative symptoms vanished.

      Morgan Hayes

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