This is a invitation to contribute to my blog. I am seeking personal accounts of Kundalini Rising and Awakening experiences. I think hearing about other people’s experiences could help my readers. Because Let’s face it, its not easy talking to friends and family about this. Having a Kundalini Rising has been isolating for me in a way. When I have tried to explain my Kundalini Rising to my Mother and Sister,they thought it was very weird and new agey. They didn’t really seem comfortable talking about it. Which was disappointing because my Kundalini Rising has become a important part of my life.

Heck, I went to the Buddhist Meditation Center and when I brought up Kundalini to the Meditation Instructor, he had nothing to say. I spoke to another person there and they had no clue what I was talking about! Instead of getting frustrated about it all, I try to take everything with a sense of humor. I got to my car and just started to laugh.

My next journey out will be to a Yoga Center. Ive honestly been hesitant to do Yoga around strangers because I am afraid my Kundalini will make me something strange. Like involuntary movements or have shifts in consciousness. I do know that laying on the bed, on my stomach and resting on my elbows rises my energy. Properly done, its similar to the Cobra pose.

I am getting off topic here. If you would like to contribute your Kundalini experiences, email me at SacredWorlds@aol.com. I will need to approve it before posting it. Sharing your experiences will help others experiencing Kundalini. Also your experiences will help inform people curious or new to Kundalini.

Plus it its always reassuring to know you are not alone.

Post finished at 3:33 am. This time seems to keep coming up at certain times in my life.