Seeking Volunteers to Contribute to My Kundalini Blog.

This is a invitation to contribute to my blog. I am seeking personal accounts of Kundalini Rising and Awakening experiences. I think hearing about other people’s experiences could help my readers. Because Let’s face it, its not easy talking to friends and family about this. Having a Kundalini Rising has been isolating for me in a way. When I have tried to explain my Kundalini Rising to my Mother and Sister,they thought it was very weird and new age. They didn’t really seem comfortable talking about it. Which was disappointing because my Kundalini Rising has become a important part of my life.

Heck, I went to the Buddhist Meditation Center and when I brought up Kundalini to the Meditation Instructor, he had nothing to say. I spoke to another person there and they had no clue what I was talking about! Instead of getting frustrated about it all, I try to take everything with a sense of humor. I got to my car and just started to laugh.

My next journey out will be to a Yoga Center. Ive honestly been hesitant to do Yoga around strangers because I am afraid my Kundalini will make me something strange. Like involuntary movements or have shifts in consciousness. I do know that laying on the bed, on my stomach and resting on my elbows rises my energy. Properly done, its similar to the Cobra pose.

I am getting off topic here. If you would like to contribute your Kundalini experiences, email me at I will need to approve it before posting it. Sharing your experiences will help others experiencing Kundalini. Also your experiences will help inform people curious or new to Kundalini.

Plus it its always reassuring to know you are not alone.

Post finished at 3:33 am. This time seems to keep coming up at certain times in my life.


Morgan Hayes

8 thoughts on “Seeking Volunteers to Contribute to My Kundalini Blog.

  1. I think some of these folks are quite right when they say it doesn’t matter what you do. You can be a meat eater, meditate or not, have a glass of wine or not, have sex or not, talk about it or not, practice any of the religions or not…kundalini comes to those who are ready on some other level that perhaps most of us just don’t understand. It’s spiritual, mental, physical, and whatever else. when we have reached some point in our personal evolution and have connected enough of the dots to understand, comprehend, and handle – it happens to us. In my opinion, it is something that no one outside of those who experience it, would even begin to comprehend. I think it’s a private club and those who go through the same thing, should be there for others to talk with, but it’s not necessary. I have had no one to talk to about it, sans a few internet posts, and have come to terms with going through the difficulties and joys on my own, learning my own lessons, and pushing through. I don’t think the kundalini is about bliss and gaining strange new powers, although this may be a part of it for some. I think the powers (and the mystical experiences) sometimes get in the way actually… In the end, it’s probably just about how much have you learned in this life, have you followed your path, have you loved, and have you been kind and understanding to others? Life is difficult for us. The kundalini is difficult and there is nothing we can read in a book or even get through conversation with others, that will fully prepare us for the personal changes wrought about by such an immense, powerful, and mysterious force.

  2. Kundalini is not a”goddess” neither is there a “spiritual” path: it’s simply ELECTRICITY. I could give you hundreds of personal testimonies, but it’s all useless unless you understand the basics. The human being is evolving: everything is run on ‘auto pilot’ when we do not panic! Religious teachers (including gurus) have done more harm than good. Just read this book and you will understand what I am writing here: “The Body Electric” by Robert Becker. (Funnily enough, it seems that the Ancient Greeks felt more by naming their God Zeus, the keeper of…thunder!). With my best wishes and one advise: just stay on the ground. Use your BRAINS and your Logic, not superstition!
    And, by all means, eat anything you like! I have been a meat/fish eater (on a daily basis!) since my childhood: my first strong Kundalini experiences came at age 9 (!!!). I was terrified, as they lasted for 6 months, but I have kept them to myself! Who knows what major harm doctors would have caused, had I spoken about them!

  3. Hey Morgan,

    You will always attract or get attracted to people who sail in the same boat. All don’t understand what you are going thro’. Many may think that we have lost our brains. Hence in such cases it’s better to keep mum or have such a person as your confidante where you can speak away your mind. I have been in & out of meditation & experienced it. This situation is pure bliss to those who have experienced it. I don’t share any of my experiences with my family members ’cause I know what their mind may make them think about it.

    It’s a known fact that we get attracted towards temples, churches, mosques, etc or even reading religious articles or doing meditation only when your time is ripe. Not all can sift thro’ religious articles nor take up meditation just for the sake of it.

    When I’m into deep meditation, I have experienced all sorts of things happening to me. Sometimes it’s been very very scary like going thro’ sleep paralysis and at times it also has been fun. But I always follow my conscience as it keeps guiding me at all times.

    Enjoy and have fun in your meditation journey.

  4. hiya ~ good work! kundalini unity within…more awareness out there beneficial! i won’t go into my own experiences right now, but just want to share a surprise i heard on the radio one night (in NZ with minimal radio stations & this was on the ‘national’ conservative one!)…although he’s coming from a psychological /’warning’ still good acknowledge kundalini misunderstood ~ bless

    • Thanks for commenting. I would love for you to share your experiences. I think it would help my readers who are experiencing Kundalini.

      Thank You for posting this podcast. I am very amazed that a national conservative radio station would address Kundalini Syndrome. But I am glad they did. I wish America would do the same thing. I am going to post this pod cast in a post since they may not find it here. I want to also add that my root chakra became active while listening to the podcast.


  5. Thanks for your post…..I’ve also been rejected on every level of human contact with this experience. It seems as time goes by and I grow to understand the experience I find my findings also change.
    The explanation of “kundalini Shakti” is only realized through the actual experience and can hardly be communicated thru words as to the gravity of life and it’s potentialliates and cosmic connections.
    Adam and Eves fall from “divine mind” to “dual mind” is our demise. Nature is taking the human race back to “divine mind” in it’s present cycle of perception. Keep in mind we are spirit eternal in a different perception that visits different deminisions for spirit path. This deminsion is slipping back into divine mind, enlightenment.

    • Thank You postings. I agree, its near impossible to truly describe Kundalini. Other than being the Grand Creator of Everything in the Universe. Everything goes back to Shakti and Shiva ( or any Higher Power you believe in). But Most of the private messages I get are from people concerned about the symptoms they are experiencing. I think my readers could gain from hearing about other people’s experiences and not just mine.


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