My Kundalini Symptoms

A reader has asked me to describe the Kundalini symptoms I have had with each Chakra. Currently my Kundalini is at my Throat Chakra.

Root Chakra:
Pressure, Feel like there is large ball of energy at root Chakra. Tingling sensation, heat.

Sacral Chakra:
Pressure, Heat, Intense Sexual Arousal, Spontaneous Orgasms, Bliss, Stomach Contractions and Cramping. Shaking of the whole body. Spontaneous yogic positions. Moving body in snake like ways. Speaking in tongues. Trance like states. Shifts in consciousness.

Solar Plexus Chakra:
Stomach Disturbances, Pressure, Heat, Stomach Contractions, Intense Pressure when Meditating. Food Cravings. Becoming more energy sensitive.

Heart Chakra: Intense Pressure around Heart Chakra, Pain, Irregular Heart beat, Overly Emotional, painful memories coming to the surface. I had a terrible bout of depression hit me days before my Kundalini rose to my throat chakra. As soon as the Kundalini rose, the depression disappeared. Food Cravings. Becoming more energy sensitive. I had my heart checked and everything was normal.

Throat Chakra: Pressure in neck up to where skull begins. Feeling like something in Throat. Especially near bedtime. Food and drink does not help. Pressure and heat in Throat. Tightness in throat. Feel pressure in the back of head at the Third Eye Chakra. Tenderness at Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Hearing inner voice or high self. This voice does not keep me from going into deep meditation. During this past year I began a structured Meditation practice. Meditating so deeply that I about stop breathing. Deep moments of bliss. Becoming more energy sensitive. Moments of bliss after eating certain foods. Seems to happen Randomly. Easily fatigued. Energy shooting through my body and up my head. Feeling energy vibrating in legs with heat. Legs hot to the touch. This happens as I lay down to meditate nightly. Feel pressure tightness and pressure in Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart Chakra when meditating. Shifts in Consciousness. Headaches that food and medicine that doesn’t help. Trance like states. I had my Throat Checked by a Throat Specialist and had a Xray Video done to see what happens when I swallow. Everything came back normal.

In my case and some other people’s experiences, the initial rising from the Root Chakra to Sacral Chakra are most intense. Its like like putting 220 watts through a 110 watts wire. If you have not prepared your body through yoga and meditation, expect a very intense period to happen. This is what happened to me. There is no way I could have worked during this time. At exactly two months everything just about stopped. I hardly had any symptoms for five years. When my Kundalini got aroused again, it was much less intense. It much more manageable now.


6 thoughts on “My Kundalini Symptoms

  1. I have LITERALLY had all of these symptoms and also was going to the doctors constantly only for them to tell me Iā€™m fine. And no Iā€™m not a hypochondriac. I am still dealing with this. The sexual arousal part, And the hot flashes were unbelievable. It was so embarrassing telling my doctors about this and the nightly unwanted orgasms that wake me up. But recently something else has happened and I am at a loss. I was sleeping and all of a sudden I felt like something punched me in the side of my ribs/stomach it jolted me almost off the bed. It felt like a bolt of electricity shot right at me. And this has happened a few times now at 3:30-3:50 in the morning. Afterwards I was crying uncontrollably like a baby not because I was just scared but also very emotional. Do you have any insight as to what that could have been? Any advice would be beyond welcomed. Medical or spiritual. šŸ™šŸ¼ Thank you!

  2. Hello Morgan: I enjoyed reading your article. During meditation, an individual may feel a sound in the throat area – This sound comes to a person automatically – It sounds like the a o mmmmmmmmm sound – There is a beauty in this sound.

    I authored a treatise in which there is a chapter on Chakras called “Spinning Wheels” – Feel free to check it out, click here.

  3. Hey Morgan,
    so glad to read your blog as I been searching today about the heavy pressure in throat, back head to the crown, last night. not first time but it was quite powerful than before.. it’s exactly what you described but not painful for me.. as I try to breath and keep positive thoughts and let it flow.

    happy to know I’m not Alone. I been having kundalini symptoms for the last 3 years.. also experiencing connections with natural since I was a kid. This year only I knew that all this symptoms are Kundalini after I had “earthquakes and vibrant body” experiences started 2 month ago.. (feeling vibration as I’m writing thins right but during these few weeks I’m experiencing more such as electricity in my whole body with the tingling and so on… plus I had my very first astral projecting.
    really I don’t even meditate much or practice on the awaking as it’s been happening spontaneously.

    Just thought to share with you my experience. it’s going with more maybe each day or every week.. no control.. but I hope that I can control it to use it for good things and help others with it too šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Morgan, I have recently followed your blog and found it one of the best places to give information on kundalini. My kundalini awakening happened about 10 years ago during a crystal healing session. At first I struggled to understand what was happening to me but my healer fully explained my awakening. I have had a very easy path with this enlightment and not suffered any negative symptoms normally quoted as kundalini syndrome. I have had to learn to try and control the energy that rises through my chakras and I often experience a full body orgasam. I continue to develop and use this energy for the highest good and best intention. I use it in healing sessions and during meditations and also absent healing. This energy is extremley powerful, I have learnt to live and work with it in my role as a lightworker. I try to transform negative energy from the earth and send it to the cosmos as white light, then bring the light back to the earth which raises the vibration. I now understand that i was born to use this energy from the cosmos.

    • Hello Steve,
      Thank You for responding. I am glad my site has been helpful. You are very fortunate that you had a healer who understood what was happening to you. It was your time. Lots of people who experience a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening or Rising, are not that fortunate. I was not that fortunate either. So consider your experience a grace from the Universe or your higher Power.

      I have noticed a lot of energy in my hands and have been curious to use it for healing. I regularly send out love, healing and peace to the Earth and out to the universe. I am interested in changing negative energy into good energy. I am curious about your technique?

      I think you are very blessed. We need more people using this energy for good.


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