Loved this: Our Role in Evolution/ Neale Donald Walsh I often find myself surfing Youtube for inspirational videos that keep me moving forward on my spiritual journey. I felt very blessed to have seen Neale's video pop up on my feed. Sometimes I think we receive messages in our lives when we are supposed to hear them. I feel that we get these … Continue reading Loved this: Our Role in Evolution/ Neale Donald Walsh

Do NOT “TRY” to awaken your Kundalini! Your time will come.

Understand that every single soul will eventually raise their Kundalini. If not in this Life Time, possibly the next. Kundalini is not just reserved for people who believe in it. Eventually everyone will experience it, *when its their time to.* It is spiritual evolution of human kind. Just because science cannot prove its real, does … Continue reading Do NOT “TRY” to awaken your Kundalini! Your time will come.

Kundalini and the Stress Factor.

Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual stress has been found to arouse the Kundalini. Two weeks before my Kundalini rose in 2004, I had had my nipples pierced and participated in a skin pull. It was very intense and profound experience for me. A week later, I was visiting my parents when they got into a … Continue reading Kundalini and the Stress Factor.

Kundalini Awakening/Spiritual Emergency Part 1-4

Spiritual Emergenc(y) is a very insightful, informative and supportive documentary worth watching both by people experiencing awakened Kundalini and health professionals. Synopsis: This ground breaking 40 minute documentary presents fascinating accounts of six people's extraordinary experiences, three progressive medical doctor's thoughtful insights, new research data, and graphics to illustrate unusual perceptions and the processes people … Continue reading Kundalini Awakening/Spiritual Emergency Part 1-4

Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light ICR is proud to present the documentary "Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light" by director Vladimir Kabelik. The film chronicles the powerful effects of Kundalini in the lives of individuals who have experienced and studied it. Gwen Mims: I really liked this video. Its comforting to hear about … Continue reading Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light

Handling Excess Kundaini Energy.

One of my biggest challenges I've had since my Kundalini Rising has is learning how to handle the large onslaught of excess energy I am given about nightly. I find when this happens is also when I have the most intense Kundalini symptoms. Here is what I have read to do. 1. Stop all meditation … Continue reading Handling Excess Kundaini Energy.

Eckhart Tolle TV: What is the purpose of mental illness? Erkhart Tolle speaks about where mental illness falls in universal consciousness. Pretty much suffering is a natural part of spiritual awakening. In my case, it took emotional Trauma and physical stress for my Kundalini to rise. So I see some truth in it. I had also been diagnosed with Major Depression that came from … Continue reading Eckhart Tolle TV: What is the purpose of mental illness?