Need Help from my Readers who are Energy Healers.

I have a big problem with my Twenty year old cat. She is pretty healthy for her age but she has bad arthritis and has a hard a hard time reaching her hind quarters to groom. She is also losing her hearing. Other than that, she is doing well but I cannot seem to touch without with her going into spasm or some kind of attack. Whenever my Kundalini is active which is pretty much all the time, when I rub her, she starts biting and pulling on her sides and she is stiff from arthritis, she cannot reach her hind quarters and falls on her back. She strains to roll over and usually pisses on her self. She gets up and walks away. As long as I don’t touch her, she will be fine. If I touch her again, the same thing will happen.

This has been going on for 1.5 months. As long as I don’t touch her, she doesn’t react this way. Before this all happened, I would hold her a few times a week and rub her while sending loving healing energy into her. She really loved this and would come to me for it sometimes. I have two other cats who love the energy and purr loudly when I touch them.

I am learning to tone down the energy in my hand and arm. But Its been difficult to keep doing it for long.

Tonight it was dinner time for my cats. She was awake but didn’t hear me calling for dinner. I picked her up to take her to her food dish, and seconds later she had a spasm in my arms. I was not sending any energy to her. I put her down and she was OK again.

I know the most simple thing is not to touch her but I don’t want her to feel like I don’t care for her. We are really close. I’ve had her all my adult life. She gets checked regularly by my vet and they are always impressed by how well she is doing. I just don’t know what to do.

I need advice from my readers who are Energy Healers. Especially if you work with animals.




6 thoughts on “Need Help from my Readers who are Energy Healers.

      • Well, this might be attributed to her diet then. Grains, specially GMO corn, soy and processed chemicals (Red 40, etc) which are the prevalent ingredients in commercial cat food such as Purina, are no good and these ingredients are linked to many degenerative conditions in humans and animals including osteoporosis and arthritis (see link below). Felines are carnivores, they simply don’t need grains. I stopped feeding my dog and my cats grains years ago and they’re in perfect health condition and proper weight.

        Also it might be a good idea to buy cat grass for your cat. When pets start eating grass or herbs its’ because they’re sick and they’re trying to get well. I’m pretty confident that the chlorophyll in the grass / greens will help with her condition. Look up other herbs you can feed your cat as well for arthritis.

        It’s interesting to think that humans and their domesticated animals are the only species in the world that suffer from degenerative conditions / diseases. No animal in the wild experiences diabetes, cancer, strokes, arthritis, and the like because they’re living in accordance to the laws of nature, and eating the correct is a huge part of it. Blessing to you and your cat, I hope she gets well soon. ❤

        • Thanks for the cat food information. Strangely my cat has had a “turn around”. She’s hopped into my lap a couple times for me to rub her. She has done pretty well. She is eating good and drinking good. She seems more with it too. She has not given up yet.


  1. I have had a partial kundalini awakening. Subsequently, I went theu reiki training. They told me that animals are very sensitive to the energy, and that you can send them healing energy from across the room, and it is easier on them. Your cat is intuitive, and knows you love her dearly with your thoughts and intentions. Take care.

  2. You are blessed to have your wonderful friends for so long.. Their lives are a celebration in love and we benefit greatly from them. There comes a time though, when they need to leave us. I wonder if your little Angel is not preparing you for this time, I don’t know if I am being helpful. It is just that I have been where you are now… Hugs eve..

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