Do not give into Fear.

Through the last few years, I have gone through some challenges with my Kundalini Rising journey that has been hard to cope with. Often I have felt lost, confused, scared and isolated because I could not find any good information about what I was experiencing. I have had no road map to guide me.

But I do have some advice to share now. Mainly, try to keep flowing and to see your Kundalini as a journey in which many people have not had the grace to experience yet. We are the forerunners in the spiritual evolution of mankind. So take some pride in that. There may be moments when things will happen that defy all logic. Your understanding of what is possible in this reality will be tested and destroyed. You will realize that you are capable of so much more than you realize.  Do not give into your fears. Be in awe of your Transformation.

As your Kundalini advances, your body will go through many stages of purging and purification. Your attitude have toward your Kundalini Awakening will decide how smooth it goes. Our own fears and resistance is what I feel causes Kundalini Syndrome and all the negative “side effects” that sometimes comes along with it. The more you flow with it, the smoother it will go. Trust me, I know that it’s often easier said than done! Since late 2014 until recently, I have been having to fight my own fears. I am doing better now but it’s still a work in progress.

So very much like a Blacksmith creating a sword, it’s heated and then hammered down to create the hardest and sharpest of metals. I prefer this as my description of my Kundalini Awakening because a Butterfly coming out of a Cocoon just seems way too “fluffy” for what I have experienced. Online you see so many people and companies trying to sale you quick and easy ways to enlightenment. With Kundalini, there are no easy short cuts to a full awakening. Consider this world your personal “Spiritual Boot Camp” which makes you stronger and wiser by design. It’s not suppose to be easy or blissful all the time. You must be purged and purified to reach the higher stages of your spiritual growth. Your energetic vibration rises as you work through all your physical, mental and spiritual baggage. The key is to never give up and keep pressing forward. To keep on growing and learning so you can evolve to your highest potential because the Kundalini does transform every part of you.

Your Awakening is not a race to a finish line. You will continue to grow and evolve infinitely. Eventually everyone will go through the Kundalini Process. If not in this lifetime, possibly the next.

What we are learning now, can be used to teach and help others when their Kundalini awakens.. So keep notes and daily journals that chronicle your Kundalini journey. You may have an experience that could help someone else. For some, it’s just comforting to know that they are not the only one experiencing the many manifestations of Kundalini.  It’s partly why I created this blog. If I can help just one person, then its all been worthwhile for me.

So keep your chin up, stay strong and be fearless!

18 thoughts on “Do not give into Fear.

  1. Hi. I am going through kundalini awakening since 2020. Sponatneous. It started when i was pregnant with my second baby but it ended up in miscarriages. I desperately wanted to get pregnant so I kept trying despite my IBS syptoms due to kundalini and irregular painful perriods. But i had 3 miscarriages in last 2 years during this awakening. I couldnt understand why I had it though my kundalini is so active and I am already having a very light body and calmer mind now as a result of this awakening , though i was fightinh fear like you did. Is there any explanation for my miscarriages. All happended at 8 weeks

  2. Thank you for your blog. I feel that I have a lot of fear in me going through this kundalini process. I have developed a great deal of bowel issues, which I hear are common, but not too many people mention them. Did you have these as part of your purification process? If so, what did you do to help ease the symptoms? Mine are manifesting as IBS.

    • OMG YES! Part of my Kundalini process has involved purification of the mind, body and spirit. Our stomach is directly affected by our emotions. I am a strong empath so I am constantly having to separate other peoples emotions from my own. (BTW, I also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.) For me, my cycle goes like this: A time of no appetite that is like a short fast, then I get really hungry and eat lots of food. After this I will either purge (bowel issues) or have a strong wave of Kundalini then have bowel issues. I have found to listen to your food cravings and eat that. It takes a lot of energy for you function normally day to day while Kundalini is working on you. You may find you need to eat more basic food without many spices when you are purging to recover quicker. Also work on any emotions you are battling. I find allowing time for relaxation and meditation helps calm my stomach stay calmer. Stay strong but learn to flow with the Kundalini without fear or resistance.

      • Thank you for your reply. Sounds like your bowel symptoms fluctuate from diarrhea to constipation, whereas mine are completely the latter. I no longer feel an urge to go and when I do it is never a complete elimination. I do feel that this is completely Kundalini related as I was fine before the awakening 3.5 years ago. I find that no particular diet has helped my symptoms at all. I have gone vegetarian to eating meat and even sometimes completely off grains, but I have found that nothing has helped to relieve the elimination problem. You are right that living stress free and having relaxation helps with the issues. How long do you meditate for? Also, how long have your bowel issues persisted? Is your IBS a direct result of the awakening? I also have an extremely bloated belly that sometimes I even look pregnant! I have heard that is called the Buddha Belly for those with awakened kundalinis.

        I think your comment about battling emotions is a good one. Initially, many emotions surfaced with my Kundalini and I felt a big release, but now there is nothing that is coming up to the surface, but I am left with these bowel issues (trying not to fear this part). Maybe this has to deal with a blockage in one of my chakras? That is also something that I have read about because Kundalini cannot travel up the spine and persists in a certain area. What has your experience been in this regard?

        • Hi,
          Its hard for me to say. I have had bowel issues since I was a child. I also have Hypothyroidism which can also have bowel symptoms. I gained so much weight from it slowing down my metabolism. I was diagnosed with IBS years before my Kundalini first rose. Also spicy and greasy food makes my IBS worse. I started with just five minutes of stillness meditation and relaxation then worked myself up to around an hour daily. Just be aware that meditation raises your consciousness so it can cause your Kundalini to come forward. But yes, as your chakras work through your blockages, you will go through times of mental, emotional, physical and energetic purges that will even affect people with no stomach issues. As a rule, if its causing distress, see a Doctor to make sure its not a medical problem.

  3. Best wishes for your health and journey. Your blog has been a source of comfort and information since my dynamic awakening earlier this year. My husband awoke about 2003, but his was different, so your descriptions of the physical and mental aspects were beyond helpful for me. There wasn’t any help or much information for him back then. Because of him, I at least knew what it was (after 5 months of mental torture and unexplained symptoms) once the energy waves, etc started, I wasn’t afraid and didn’t resist, you are right, very important. I’d love to know if there are any couples who are awakening together – sharing the Shakti energy in the morning, etc.? Sharing the energy together has turned it into a process that more often than not, is enjoyable. Perhaps it is the not going thru this alone that has suddenly made the Kundalini energy so much smoother (most of the time, now). We feel this can be so much more than an individual process, something bigger for humanity.

  4. Can you give some examples were you Kundalini defied all logic and made the so called impossible happen?
    Thank you

  5. hello i need to talk with you privately caused i have raising very intense kundalini, now half body hot half body cold, i have no friend to share, maybe i want to see you ti share the knowledge and meditaion togwther… sory for this comment, namaste

    • I wish I had some helpful information to tell you. I am not a Guru or expert at Kundalini. I just share my personal Kundalini journey here and share what little I know. Kundalini can manifest as both hot and cold sensations in your body. I have felt both hot and cold sensations before but not just on the halves of my body before. It mean its working on your body to help it some way. The good thing is that probably once it completes what it needs to do, the sensations will change or go away.

  6. greetings my sister,

    thank you for the post…i enjoyed it.
    i, too, have been going through some challenging times with respect to y kundalini and my spiritual journey in general for some 15 years now, but the past 5 have ben the deepest and hardest for sure.
    A few years ago, i met an author by the name of, Padma Aon Prakasha. i have read many books on the kundalini and studied ancient yoga for years and worked with many Masters in meditation, but this man, for some reason, became my teacher and mentor, and i have worked with him on the outside and inside since 2010. I feel he is an ancient Mystic and even though he is fairly young and teaching here on Earth, i believe him to be a living Master.
    you may want to check him out.
    I am not too moved to suggest things to anyone unless they ask but i was moved to share this with you.
    One book in particular he wrote that be of help to you is, ” The Power of Shakti .”

  7. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤ Your blog has helped me and so many others. It is so rare to find accounts such as yours about the kundalini. As I get deeper and deeper into my own journey your blog becomes ever more a source of encouragement.

      • I have read this book and personally, I do not recommend it. I truly feel that anything we do is tempered by the personal preconceived beliefs we have of it beforehand. So if someone reads a book on Kundalini that seems to dwell on all the negative details of the experiences they had, then it causes the reader to fear that they may have the same things happen to them. In my personal experience, the more you fear and resist the Kundalini, the harder it is for the Kundalini to progress smoothly. He lived in India where there are so many Gurus yet he never seriously sought out any assistance from them. I personally feel this book did the Western world a disservice by being one of first books widely read on Kundalini. Because I read it as a precautionary tale of what should be avoided when experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.

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