Through the last few years, I have gone through some changes with my Kundalini Rising journey that has been hard to cope with. Often I have felt lost, confused, scared and isolated because I could not find any good information on what I was experiencing. I had no road map to show me what to expect next.  That is a unsettling feeling. Pretty much I have felt I had nothing to share because I had no advice or answers to give about what was happening to me.  But I am at a point I do have some advice to share. Mainly, try to flow and to see your Kundalini as a journey that many people have not had the grace to experience yet.  That you are a forerunner in the spiritual evolution of mankind. So take some pride in that. There may be moments when things will happen that defy all logic. Your understanding of what is possible in this reality will be tested and destroyed. You will realize that you are capable of so much more than you realize.  Do not give into your fear. Just push the pain away. Be in awe of your Transformation.

As your Kundalini advances your body will go through many stages of purging and purification.  There will be many highs and lows. Just let it happen because the more you resist the Kundalini’s process, the harder it will be. The attitude you have toward your Kundalini Awakening will decide how smooth it is. Fear and Resistance is what I feel causes people to have Kundalini Syndrome and all the negative side effects that come along with it. The more you flow with it, the smoother it will go. Trust me, that is often easier said than done! Since late 2014 until recently, I have been having to fight my own fears. I am doing better now but it’s still a work in progress for me.

 So very much like a Blacksmith creating a sword, layer upon layer will be hammered down to create the hardest of metals. It is molded and transformed into a thing of beauty and power. The blade is made to perfection though much heat. hammering and grinding. I prefer this as my description of my Kundalini Awakening because a Butterfly coming out of a Cocoon just seems too fluffy for what I have experienced. Online you see so many people and companies trying to  you quick ways to enlightenment. Do not fall for their quick fixes.  What you are going through has been happening since men and women have felt the call of their Spirit. Consider this World your personal Spiritual Boot Camp and consider it a form of tough love. It’s not suppose to be easy or blissful all the time. With a Kundalini Awakening, short cuts will never get you anywhere.  You must be purified to reach the higher stages of your spiritual growth. Your body, mind and spirit may possibly be pushed to their limits but with it, you grow and become stronger. Your energetic vibration will rise as you purify and work through all your physical, mental and spiritual baggage. The key is to never give up and keep pressing forward.  The key is to keep on growing and learning so you can evolve to your fullest potential. Because your Kundalini will transform every part of you.

Your Kundalini Awakening is not a race with a finish line. You will continue to grow and evolve infinitely. Eventually everyone will go through the Kundalini Process. If not in this lifetime, possibly the next.

What we are learning now, we can teach others when their Kundalini awakens in them. So keep notes and journals that chronicle your Kundalini journey. You may have an experience that could help someone else. For some, it’s just comforting to know they are not the only one experiencing one of the many ways Kundalini transforms us.  It’s partly why I created this blog. If I have helped just one person  creating this Blog, then its been worthwhile for me.

So keep your chin up, stay strong and be fearless. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride! Remind yourself that all you have endured will be worth it. Even when it feels impossible to even get out of bed.