Going Back to 2016 when my Third Eye Opened.


In the summer of  2016,  I had felt like I had come down with the flu. My whole body ached and I had a fever followed by chills. Even though my Thyroid levels were normal, I began to feel really depressed but nothing had happened to cause what I was feeling.  Also, the headaches. I would get these intense headaches with head pressure that medication would not help. My forehead become tingly and very itchy. I actually decided to cut back a little on my daily meditation practice.  Meanwhile, I had also began to feel this center ridge in my forehead spreading outwards. I understand that we wrinkle and our skin thins as we age but I went from a small center ridge in my forehead to the above at a rapid pace.

A couple days after I made the above clip, my Kundalini rose to my Third Eye Chakra.  I had been getting these bursts of energy from the Root Chakra up to my Third Eye Chakra.  Once the Kundalini was able to rise to my Third Eye Chakra, all of my symptoms of sickness faded away.  My Depression diminished quickly.  My only guess what that the Kundalini was doing some kind of energetic purge that made me experience all of that. That shape remained in my forehead for a month then began to flattened out again. It’s not really noticeable now. I still get itchiness and tingling on my forehead but more toward my Crown Chakra now. That is when sometimes that ridge will swell some.

I had been sitting on this clip because I knew the skeptics would try to say that I used special affects or editing to create that shape on my forehead. I recorded it because I knew no one would believe me without any visual proof. Also, I had been wondering if anyone else had experienced the same thing happening to them?

At that point though, I was still processing my Third Eye Chakra opening. I was readjusting to my new normal.  My psychic abilities had increased before this happened and I was still learning how to control them. I was determined to not allow my psychic abilities (siddhis) to distract me from yogic practice. They are a natural part of this process but not the end goal.  I have been going through my Kundalini Rising since 2004 and I really want to have my Full Awakening in this lifetime. I have made quite a few personal sacrifices to clear the way for this to happen.  I will be posting more about my current happenings in another blog post.

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