Kundalini causing Food Cravings

In the last three years I have had interesting food cravings. I went through a time where I had a need for red meat. I was wanting red meat cooked very raw. It happened every day for quite some time.

With time Kundalini rose to my Solar Plexus Chakra in November 2011.

It slowly evolved into me wanting high fat and high sugar foods. I thought this was me wanting junk food but this felt different. It was a actual need. There was a direct link between between fat and sugar intake and Kundalini high activity.

Which seems to go against this article: http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=BloodSugarandGlycation

Then My Kundalini Rose to my Heart Chakra in November 2012.

Then I got a huge craving for Egg Nog. The Content of Egg Nog is milk, cream, eggs, sugar, spices and some soy. Yes protein, sugar and fat again!

Then my Kundalini Rose to my Throat Chakra in January 2013.

I have honestly gained 30 pounds through this.

Currently all these cravings have left me. Now I am craving healthy organic food. I am drinking more water. I am getting groceries mainly at Whole Foods. I am only eating red meat once weekly. I have lost 5 pounds so far. I honestly feel very good. I will start walking again soon. I cannot wait for Spring to arrive so I can do nature hikes.

At least in my Kundalini journey, I have given into my cravings. A spiritual friend of mine, said that I should always listen to my gut instinct. If you sense that your Kundalini is telling you to do something and its not harmful, do it. Its all part of growing and realizing evolution.

I know this goes totally against Yogic views on diet. What has worked for me might not work for others. I have learned that there are many ways for Kundalini to awaken. Find your own path.

For me, this was part of my spiritual surrender to the Kundalini.

Kundalini Awakening Process

I really enjoyed this video. The visuals are beautiful. A Visual meditation of the Chakra System and the Kundalini Awakening. It also speaks of the Kundalini Returning to the Root Chakra once Kundalini has rose above the Crown Chakra. Check it out!

Embracing Our Struggles and Becoming Stronger

“When I Stand before thee at the days end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing”

Rabindranath Tagore

Through my spiritual journey, I have experienced much pain and growth. I seemed to allow the wrong people in my life and kept the good people out of it.

I think spiritual people naturally want to help and heal others. We see deeply damaged people and we want to help them and guide them out of the darkness. Sadly in my case, these damaged souls ended up using and manipulating me.

I think we expect people to be kind and be respectable because we are that way. The sad truth is that is not always the truth.

This post is not a pity party. Actually its a post about strength, triumph and awakening.

See every time we fall, we must get up again. We must learn from our mistakes and become wiser. The scars heal and we become stronger.

Anyone who has read my own personal Kundalini Awakening knows that I went through a rough time before it happened. (My Own Personal Kundalini Experiences: http://wp.me/p36CC7-n)

That intense emotional pain helped my Kundalini Awaken. See at our lowest hours, this can be a moment of breakthrough. A moment when our ego is so small that the Divine Cosmic Consciousness is able to break through and change your life. This can be your God or Goddess too. In my case, I knew my higher power had heard my cries.

Does this mean that my Kundalini Awakening has been easy? Yes and no. The journey of my Kundalini raising from my Root Chakra to my Sacral Chakra was very intense. There was two months where I could hardly work. Also not understanding Kundalini made it worse.

When the Kundalini has rose to each Chakra so far, its stopped and worked on a blockage. With each new blockage came a new Challenge. Ive had to shed old ways of thinking and feeling. The hardest challenge was trying to forgive these people who have hurt me. Learning to love and trust again but I knew I had to for my Kundalini to rise to my Throat Chakra.

In the middle of January 2013, my Kundalini Rose to my Throat Chakra. It immediately went up to a blockage right below my 3rd Eye Chakra. So far this has been my biggest challenge. I get bad headaches at and around my 3rd Eye Chakra and at my Crown Chakra. This happens when I try to meditate. Its very frustrating. With each goal met, a new challenge has to be faced.

I know some people are having a hard time with their Kundalini Symptoms. I guess my message is this, our lowest moments can become our biggest triumphs. Our struggles can make us wiser and stronger. Wear your scars proudly (both physical and emotional) because they are part of your journey. Take this wisdom you have gained and use it through your Awakening.