Hi Everyone,
I hope you are well. I apologize for not posting since March. My life has been on a crazy twisted roller coaster ride. In March, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Tardive Dyskinesia. Its the opposite of Parkinsons Disease. Its not related to my Kundalini Rising at all. I have been taking Geodon for eight years. Its a antipsychotic that was given to me when I was severely depressed years ago. I was eventually diagnosed with Hypothyroidism which actually caused the depressive symptoms. My Thyroid levels were way off but I was able to control it with thyroid medication. I get blood work done regularly to make sure my Thyroid levels stay normal. In the past when my thyroid levels were off and it affected me mentally, the antidepressants and Geodon didn’t work even when the doses were doubled. Yet my psychiatrist felt I needed to stay on the Geodon as a precaution. Well that prolonged time on the Geodon caused the Tardive Dyskinesia. Its supposedly rare to happen but yet more and more reports of patient getting it. I am Honestly angry and sad about it. There is no cure for it and the medications being used for it now have dangerous side effects. I was referred to a psychiatrist who specializes in Tardive Dyskinesia and is leading up medical trials for it. Fortunately, my case is not severe. I am thankful for that.

I was weened off the Geodon for two weeks at half my regular dose. I began to have sleeping issues. My new psychiatrist told me to go cold turkey. With it, I had even worse sleeping problems. For the first 14 days, I hardly got any good restorative sleep. It wore me down mentally and physically. It made me get a bad UTI which too took two courses of antibiotics to cure. I was waking up every 15-30 minutes sometimes. Many nights, I would wake up a hour after falling asleep and be wide awake, It would take hours to sleep again. This was very hard on me. I use to sleep 9 hours straight nightly and hardly ever wake up. Its going on five months now and I am still having problems sleeping normally.

During the worst of this, ironically, I had no Kundalini symptoms as all. Which honestly surprised me because bodily and mental stress has made my Kundalini more active in the past. I also could not meditate either. I was too stressed out and exhausted.

But in the last six weeks, the Kundalini has become more active. I am having more Third Eye Chakra symptoms. I will discuss this in my next blog entry.

The photo of the cat sleeping is actually my cat, Jasper. It amazes how quickly he can fall asleep and start dreaming. He is getting more sleep than I am! 🙂