Black Toe Nails

Its a common occurrence in people first Experiencing Kundalini to have intense energy in their feet and for one or both big toenails to turn black and fall off. Usually its the big toe on the left foot that is commonly experienced. This is a sign that Kundalini is active. Sometime after that the Kundalini will make its way up the Root Chakra (Located at Tail bone) and begin its journey up all the Chakras.

In my case, I did not experience this. I did not notice anything until It had begun to rise to my sacral chakra (Located lower abdomen). I find it strange that I didn’t notice any activity in my root chakra at all.

How it started for me was I felt a heat on my lower back where the sacral chakra was. With it I felt intense sexual arousal. Which is common when the sacral chakra is activated by Kundalini. At This point I had never heard of Kundalini. I was drawn to put my hand to my lower back. I could actually feel the energy with my hands. I began moving my fingers around it and I realized it manipulated the energy inside of me. It was a very pleasurable experience. But then my Kundalini became very active for two months. I went in and out of trance states which felt like shifts in my consciousness. I had strong stomach contractions. Moments of fear and then bliss. Spontaneous Orgasms without touching my genitals. This happened often but all these symptoms were worse before bedtime. I had no clue what was happening to me but it seemed deeply spiritual and not evil.

One thought on “Black Toe Nails

  1. Es mi caso en particular,tube un despertar inboluntario hace 2 años y medio,y e rosado la locura,hoy estoy mejor,y lo que primero me llamo la atencion es que mi dedo gordo del pie izquierdo esta morado negro,increible.

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