Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light

ICR is proud to present the documentary “Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light” by director Vladimir Kabelik. The film chronicles the powerful effects of Kundalini in the lives of individuals who have experienced and studied it.

Gwen Mims: I really liked this video. Its comforting to hear about other people’s Kundalini Awakening experiences. Well made documentary. Also check out the website!

Hello! I am Morgan Hayes. I live in the Southeastern United States with my two furry children. In 2004, I had a Kundalini Rising that transformed my life. I created this Blog to share my personal journey with my Kundalini Awakening and to possibly help others on this path. I have truly enjoyed getting to know my readers and learning about their own Kundalini experiences. In my free time, I try to keep a regular meditation and yoga practice. I also enjoy hiking and getting out in the nature. Spending time with my family and friends. Enjoying life!

1 comment on “Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light

  1. I watched it a few days ago and loved it! I found it so interesting that there are so many different types of Kundalini awakening experiences. Anyway, I’m loving your blog. I have been practicing Kundalini on and off for 2 years and just started my solitary Wiccan journey.

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