Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light

http://www.icrcanada.org/blog/kundalinireflections Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light ICR is proud to present the documentary "Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light" by director Vladimir Kabelik. The film chronicles the powerful effects of Kundalini in the lives of individuals who have experienced and studied it. Gwen Mims: I really liked this video. Its comforting to hear about … Continue reading Kundalini: Reflections of the Inner Light

Gopi Krishna – Kundalini Awakened Man

About Gopi Krishna: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gopi_Krishna_(yogi) Website Dedicated to him: http://gopikrishna.us/index.html He wrote a autobiography about his own personal Kundalini Awakening. A overall amazing man. I would like to recommend a couple great books for anyone interested in learning about Kundalini. LIVING WITH KUNDALINI Krishna, Gopi Shambhala, 1993 KUNDALINI The Evolutionary Energy in Man (Highly Recommend) Krishna, … Continue reading Gopi Krishna – Kundalini Awakened Man