Changing my Kundalini Terms a little.

I find that many describe all levels of Kundalini activity as a Kundalini Awakening. Actually, a Kundalini Awakening is when your Kundalini has rose above your crown Chakra and then descended back down to your root Chakra to rest.

When Kundalini rises to any Chakra but has not completed its total journey, It is Kundalini Rising or Kundalini Arousal.

I wanted to clarify this because I did not want to confuse everyone. If I have, I truly apologize. I will be skimming over my 55 posts and try to correct my terms.

One thought on “Changing my Kundalini Terms a little.

  1. Parsing terminology……….when the Kundalini leaves the crown and the cosmic connection is made… the third eye is open, the landscape is pulsating light and knowledge of “all that is”, with all beings in aura……why are people not able to maintain this for more than a few hours before slipping back into ego? Why the peace for three days, before anxious ego retakes the brain? Kundalini mind is Divine mind…..Dual mind is ego mind, the Adam and Eve mind, the fall from grace in the garden of Eden from Divine Mind to the present “dual mind”, right wrong mind set…….how to leverage this dual mind back to our divineness in Kundalini flowing?

    Its not necessary to align the message to fit the “dual mind”, but to align individuals that have the “grace” to bridge the cosmic connection in the presence of others. Cosmically it flows to others with only cosmic exposure to someone in presence going out the top……at least that’s what happened to the others around me when I Kundalini out! Its overwhelming to see someone go into cosmic bliss as that entity starts to morph into liguid and body flows with ectasy.

    Find someone with “grace”, create the moment thru right talking and searching. Complete your path by cosmically knowing life through Kundalini rising and xploding out the top……so connected to the “all that is”!

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