Beautiful Kundalini Music from Snatam Kaur.

Beautiful Kundalini Yoga music by Snatam Kaur. This is actually a youtube channel with many of her most popular songs. I find her songs very soothing. I was having heavy heat symptoms and this helped me relax and get over it.

I have had many Kundalini Symptoms for every day for about three years. I try to not dwell on my symptoms and instead focus on connecting with the universal consciousness. You may replace this with God, Goddess or any other Higher Power you believe in. We are all one!

I hope this music brings joy to your spirit.

One thought on “Beautiful Kundalini Music from Snatam Kaur.

  1. Those symptons that you repress are wanting to fly…..let it go! Kundalini will do the rest…..let go and relax let KUNDALINI HAPPEN.

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